Deckible: the First Marketplace for Digital Card Decks

Los Angeles, CA August 03, 2022 –(– You may be unaware that your typical card-deck user owns 10+ decks.

Card deck users are deeply passionate about their card-decks, whether they use them for coaching/learning/creativity or for divination.

Movies, Books and Audio Books have all been successfully digitized. But nothing has been done to help alleviate the burden of carrying all your decks with you when you head out to play.

While card-decks got overlooked, usage exploded. Decks grew due to: Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Etsy, mindfulness, print on demand services and the youth tarot trend. There are even 25 coaches teaching people to create card-decks.

Instagram taught everyone to expect visual, simple, short-form media. No paid platform has delivered on the omni-media promise. YouTube does video, Kindle does print, Audible does books, Spotify music, Instagram visuals. But currently, none of these apps does ALL at once.

Deckible is Audible for decks. Deckible will launch with 500+ creators and their decks; each creator has their own existing community.

Many digital card deck apps have failed because they did not meet the needs of the tactile coaching and spiritual communities, they were simply not fun to use, and they didn’t feel like people actually had a card-deck in their hand.

Deckible is off to a flying start with 200+ approved and published decks with many more in the works.

Deckible is the first marketplace for digital card decks, offering a complete card-deck experience whether peoples cards-decks are:

● For decision making, classroom activities and ideation
● For inspiring new recipes and workouts
● Celebrity and sports trading cards
● To set affirmations/intentions or to do spiritual readings (a la Tarot/Oracle).

The iPod launched with the tagline “1000 songs in your pocket” and was recently end-of-lifed to make room for a new tagline.

Deckible now offers the option to use “100 decks in your pocket.”

Deckible launches this August.

About Deckible

Founder Nick Kellet is a seasoned tech startup founder. His boardgame, GiftTRAP won 20+ awards and sold 100k units. He owns a lot of decks. As’s co-founder it grew to a top 5K website (per Alexa rankings). GiftTRAP and thrived on a strategy of crowdsourcing, community, and digital media.

He sold his Business Intelligence startup to Business Objects, now part of SAP. He’s an evangelist and community builder with a love for cardboard.

Deckible is backed by a world class development team and a great team of advisors.

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