CVS takes steps to increase mobile commerce presence


CVS Mobile Commerce Website UpdateCVS introduces mobile commerce updates to mobile site and application

CVS Caremark Corp. is looking to bolster its mobile commerce presence by making updates to its website and mobile application. Mobile commerce continues to attract the interest of the retail industry, especially in the wake of a record breaking Thanksgiving shopping weekend. This year, retailers have seen massive growth in the realm of mobile sales thanks to the interest consumers have been showing in mobile commerce. CVS hopes to take advantage of this by reaching out to mobile consumers in a more dynamic fashion.

Mobile site features new services for consumers

CVS has made updates to its mobile website, which now features a variety of options that are designed to help consumers keep track of their health. The company has introduced an immunization scheduler, which helps users keep track of when they can receive immunization treatments from health care professionals that visit CVS stores. Users can set up appointments for specific immunizations through the mobile site. CVS has also introduced a number of shopping enhancements that are meant to help mobile consumers find the products they are interested in.


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Electronic gift cards may be big during the holiday season

Another feature that has been introduced to the mobile website are electronic gift cards. These digital cards can be purchased from the mobile website and used from a smart phone or other device to pay for goods online. These cards can be given as gifts to others, delivered via email. CVS anticipates the sale of these gift cards to skyrocket during the holiday season, especially among consumers that rely on CVS for the health care products they need, such as glucose meters for those with diabetes.

CVS may have plans to adopt in-store mobile payments in the future

CVS has also introduced several new features into its mobile application, such as a pill identifier that will help users identify the pills they are taking. The mobile application also includes several shopping features that encourage consumers to purchase products through their mobile device and online. CVS has yet to adopt in-store mobile payments, but if mobile commerce continues to grow in popularity, this service may be on its way.

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