Crowd Mobile acquires prominent mobile payments firm

Crowd Mobile announces its acquisition of Track Holdings

Crowd Mobile, a company operating within the mobile space, has announced the successful acquisition of Track Holdings, a leading mobile payments specialist based in the Netherlands. Through the acquisition, Crowd Mobile seeks to accelerate product launches and improve its promotional campaigns in markets throughout Europe. Crowd Mobile have been involved in the mobile payments space for some time and has been working with several companies in order to establish a stronger position in the mobile space as a whole.

Mobile commerce continues to expand throughout the European market

Europe has become a major mobile commerce market, with many consumers relying more heavily on their mobile devices to shop online for products and services. Retailers throughout Europe have begun to rely on the mobile space in order to effectively engage consumers and some are even beginning to support mobile payments in their physical stores. Over the coming years, mobile payments are expected to become much more prolific throughout Europe, especially in countries where smartphone penetration is high.

Track Holdings has managed to find success in the mobile payments sector

Mobile Payments AcquisitionTrack Holdings has proven to be a profitable mobile commerce business, which may be a boon for Crowd Mobile. The fact that Track’s mobile commerce platform is profitable, it may be able to provide Crowd Mobile with strong revenue growth. It may also allow Crowd Mobile to better engage a wider range of consumers, many of whom have been looking for access to a mobile payments platforms that suit their interests and needs.

Acquisitions continues to become more common in the mobile payments space

Mobile payments continue to expand throughout the world and acquisitions are becoming more common within this sector. Several companies are looking to acquire those that have shown that their mobile commerce platforms are successful. Such acquisitions are expected to lead to vast improvements in the mobile payments space. Large organizations competing with one another is expected to bring about the use of new technology that makes mobile commerce more secure as well.

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