Cross-platform mobile security solution unveiled by BlackBerry

BlackBerry Mobile SecurityBlackBerry expands its boundaries in mobile security

Mobile security continues to grow as a very serious issue facing consumers and businesses alike. As the world becomes increasingly reliant on mobile technology, protection against malicious parties is becoming a prominent focus of many producers of mobile devices. BlackBerry, formerly Research In Motion, is one of the companies that has been focusing more heavily on mobile security. BlackBerry has long been a provider of enterprise-level security solutions for its line of mobile devices, but now the company is beginning to expand its boundaries by making solutions available for other mobile platforms.

New solution aims to make mobile devices more secure

BlackBerry has unveiled its Secure Work Space, a new mobile security solution designed for platforms other than that developed by BlackBerry. The company recently celebrated the launch of its highly anticipated BlackBerry Z10, which has been well received by the company’s loyal enterprise clients. The security solution enables a higher degree of protection for enterprise and personal consumers. Unlike BlackBerry’s previous security solutions, however, Secure Work Space is not exclusive to the BlackBerry platform.

Secure Work Space available for Android and iOS

Secure Work Space is being made available to both the Android and iOS platforms. Both of these platforms are somewhat more popular among consumers than BlackBerry, but this has not deterred the company from providing mobile security solutions for its competitors. Because these platforms are beginning to account for the distribution of valuable data, such as financial information, the need for comprehensive security solutions is becoming more prolific. In making a cross-platform mobile security solution, BlackBerry believes that it can help people protect the information that is trafficked through their smartphones and tablets.

Mobile commerce highlights importance of mobile security

The Secure Work Space is expected to be made available by the end of June this year. One of the reasons mobile security has been becoming a more serious is because of mobile commerce. More people are becoming comfortable with the idea of using their mobile device to make payments, thus increasing the risk of financial information being targeted by malicious parties that would exploit such information.

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