Canadian vending machine mobile payments are poised to take off

The CNVA has announced that it is preparing to roll out mpayments across the country.

A new announcement from the Canadian National Vending Alliance (CNVA) included the roll-out of vending machine mobile payments nationwide. The CNVA intends to launch machines compatible with smartphone transactions throughout Canada.

In order to complete that roll-out, the CNVA has been working with PayRange and its BluKey dongle.

The new partnership with PayRange has made it possible for the BluKey dongle to be installed in existing machines. In this way, contactless vending machine mobile payments can be accepted via the PayRange app. That mobile application accepts all major credit cards. It is available to both iOS and Android device users.

Vending Machine Mobile Payments - Vending MachinesSteve Tremblay, the president of CNVA, stated: “with more people becoming increasingly cashless, we realized we needed a mobile payment solution to bring to all our machines.”

This addition of vending machine mobile payments has been deemed a prudent step ahead.

After all, USA Technologies vending machine solutions provider in the United States recently released interesting research findings. They indicated that revenue increases were possible through self-service POS terminals for which Apple Pay functionality has been properly advertised. This indicates that there is a growing interest in mobile payments among consumers.

While there have been many barriers in the way of adopting mobile payments, consumers are starting to show interest. Those invested in this market hope consumers will see the convenience of mobile wallets in these self-service areas. This could lay the foundation for broader use after consumers become more accustomed to using their smartphones to pay.

Still, it is important to recognize that Apple Pay remains the best known mobile wallet in the world. Compared to its rivals, it has managed a certain degree of popularity. The launch of the vending machine mobile payments occurs at a time when far fewer consumers have downloaded – or even heard of – the PayRange app. It will be interesting to see what percentage of consumers will be drawn in by the mpayments option when they decide to make their next purchase from a vending machine. Particularly as exact change is increasingly inconvenient.

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