Banks could see fee revenue drop because of mobile payments

Australians planning to purchase a new iPhone could avoid bank fees

The new iPhone 6 may have an impact on bank fee revenue in Australia, according to a report from Roy Morgan Research. The report shows that more than 1.5 million consumers throughout Australia have plans to purchase an iPhone within the next 12 months. While buying a new mobile device would not usually affect banking revenues, the new iPhone will serve as a mobile payments platform, supported by the Apple Pay service. The service could do away with banking fees entirely.

Report shows that many people planning to buy a new iPhone are already aware of mobile payments

The report shows that many people planning to purchase a new iPhone are already familiar with mobile payments. An estimated 29.4% of consumers in the country make a mobile payment regularly throughout any given month and these people are likely to embrace Apple Pay with enthusiasm. Many financial institutions are supporting the new payment service, but in doing so they may see reductions in the revenue they acquire through fees.

Younger consumers may be more apt to use Apple Pay

Australia Mobile PaymentsThose planning to make use of the Apple Pay service in Australia are also considered to have a “high spend potential.” The report shows that many of these people have a higher than average household income, but are not necessarily knowledgeable about mobile commerce. Younger consumers are expected to use the Apple Pay service more regularly, while older consumers may favor traditional commerce platforms that they have become quite comfortable with.

New mobile commerce services allow consumers to avoid bank fees

Mobile payments are becoming more common throughout Australia and the demand for mobile services is on the rise. Banks are beginning to accommodate this demand by offering their support to services like Apple Pay, but in doing so these banks may be exposing themselves to new risks. One of these risks involves a drop in fee revenue. Services like Apple Pay often allow consumers to avoid certain services offered by banks, which allows people to also avoid bank fees.

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