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KryptAll Does Not Allow Cell Phone Networks to Spy on Your Calls

Wilmington, DE, March 23, 2021 –(– Throughout the world cellular phone networks are surveilling phone calls. Hackers and corporate spies can do the same with the technology that the government uses to listen/replay regular phone calls.

KryptAll can combat replaying and listening in on calls. Kryptall does this by keeping your calls private with AES 256 encrypted voice and data.

The Guardian writes, “China appears to have used mobile phone networks in the Caribbean to surveil US mobile phone subscribers as part of its espionage campaign against Americans, according to a mobile network security expert who has analyzed sensitive signals data. The findings paint an alarming picture of how China has allegedly exploited decades-old vulnerabilities in the global telecommunications network to route ‘active’ surveillance attacks through telecoms operators. The alleged attacks appear to be enabling them to target, track, and intercept phone communications of US cellular phone subscribers, according to research and analysis by Gary Miller, a Washington state-based former mobile network security executive.”

China has allegedly conducted the highest number of apparent surveillance attacks against US cellular phone subscribers. Allegedly, most of these apparent attacks were routed through state-owned telecoms operators such as China Unicom. It is believed that tens of thousands of US mobile users were affected by the alleged attacks emanating from China. Be aware that the attacks are not technically limited to only Chinese attackers.

KryptAll fights against these types of attacks by encrypting the voice and data and sending it over a private encrypted global network.

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NobelBiz’s Podcast Series Welcomes Gary Pudles to Talk About the Unexpected Journey of a Serial Entrepreneur

Cheyenne, WY, March 22, 2021 –(– Join this valuable discussion of host Christian Montes and the enterprising CEO Gary Pudles, in this one hour episode entitled, “The Unexpected Journey of a Serial Entrepreneur.”

The two professionals engaged in a talk about Gary’s work for the deaf community, business compromises when facing a downturn, boosting morale after lay-offs, management goals and authenticity.

Viewers will get the opportunity to immerse into Gary’s entrepreneurial journey and his unique insights into organizational culture and mergers. He also emphasizes the importance of a work-life balance, treating employees with transparency and making the right decisions as a CEO in the Call Center Industry.

This is a unique opportunity for anyone in the Call Center Industry that wants to:

– Get professional and relevant advice from an experienced industry expert.

– Get a unique perspective into acquiring and successfully growing a business

– Learn the importance of attaining a healthy organizational culture after a company merger

– Learn about the importance of working with the deaf community and serving a gap in the market

Episode 2 from Season 2 of First Contact Podcast is now live on Nobelbiz official website. Interested parties can access it here:

Are you a proud member of the Contact Center industry? Do you want to impart your knowledge to our viewers? Do you know anyone who fits these criteria? Email us at [email protected] and let’s set up a meeting.

The NobelBiz webinar series aims to deliver monthly information-rich episodes that can teach you how to improve your Contact Center business.

NobelBiz is a Contact Center as a Service company providing both carrier and software solutions. Being more an extension of its clients’ services, rather than a direct vendor, the company combines multiple carrier systems into a single unified network with worldwide backups. NobelBiz also offers advanced software solutions that handle text (email, webchat, sms), social media, and voice in a single interface.

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