Author: Amanda Giasson

Mobile Gaming is better than sex for some Americans

20% of American gamers would rather forgo sex than mobile games for a week.

Part II of the Mobile Gaming Chronicles survey from the mobile social gaming network PlayPhone, revealed the main spending habit and behavior trends of American mobile gamers and, among other surprising discoveries, the survey found that if they had to make a choice, one in five respondents would rather go without sex than mobile games for a week.

The group surveyed consisted of 1,000 Americans who play games on tablets and smartphones.

According to the survey, 37% of all American respondents said they would be willing to pay $5 or more a month for a gaming subscription that would offer them a “complete gaming experience”, which would include full access to games, levels and items in the game. This is a much smaller percentage compared to the 57% of Latinos who said they would pay for a subscription. However, in terms of gender, there was not as big of a gap. 54% of men vs. 46% of women said they would pay a subscription fee.

In regard to age group, it was found that gamers aged 25 to 29 were more likely to pay for mobile games than any other age group, with 49% in this age range claiming they would spend 5 or more dollars for a monthly subscription. As for those survey respondents who were self-proclaimed mobile gamers, 53% said they were likely to spend.

mobile gaming survey“Just as we seek to reveal emerging trends in mobile gaming monetization, we feel it’s essential to investigate behaviors that define heavy spenders,” PlayPhone CMO Anders Evju said. “It furthers our goals of maximizing value for our game developer and operator partners and enables us to continue to deliver an optimal social gaming experience,” Evju added.

Some people even confessed they’ve engaged in mobile gaming while behind the wheel.

In addition to investigating the spending habits of smartphone and tablet game players, the PlayPhone survey focused on other trends among gamers. For instance, they found that a surprising 17% of survey respondents admitted to playing mobile games while driving, on a frequent or occasional basis.

It was also discovered that 49% of all survey responders admitted to engaging in mobile gaming at work, while 68% said they sacrificed sleep regularly or on occasion on non-work nights to complete a game and 58% confessed they did this on work nights, too.

Wearable tech shirt tracks health in real time

New OMsignal shirt could be the perfect workout apparel.

This OM Biometric Smartwear is a type of wearable tech that has the ability to act as a fitness monitor and can track breathing rate and volume, heart rate, movement intensity and the number of calories the wearer burns, among other tracking features.

The smartshirt wirelessly syncs with your mobile phone.

The shirt is equipped with sensors, which have been sewn directly into the fabric, which allows it to continuously monitor the wearer. The biometric data that is collected is stored on a little “black box” and is sent to an app on the wearer’s phone, enabling them to instantly view their performance stats.

The data gathered by the shirt is continuously streamed in real time to the app, which alerts the user through data reports and visual and audio notifications. Having the ability to track their progress gives the wearer the advantage of being able to improve their performance.

“Clothing has always been about protection and fashion, but it will now also help motivate us to better ourselves every day,” said OMsignal Co-founder and CEO Stephane Marceau.

The wearable tech can be used for more than exercising.

According to the company, the smartwear they have developed is not only for workouts, it can also be used by the wearer to track their health and stress levels in the workplace. Marceau commented that “with OM, you now get a dashboard to better steer your life, to increase your self-mastery, to push your fitness performance, and live a healthier lifestyle.”

The OMsignal shirt can inform the wearer what is going on with their body, giving them the chance to better manage their health and achieve fitness goals. One of the app features called OM RPM displays the user’s present focus level and physical stress, while another feature known as OM Fuel reveals how much energy the user has left.

Currently, the OMsignal shirt is sold for $199 and there are four different styles for men that are available. There is a long-sleeved shirt, a casual T-shirt, sleeveless shirt and an under-shirt. With these diverse and practical options, this wearable technology can be worn on its own or under clothing, giving the wearer the power to conveniently monitor their health whenever they want.