Augmented reality world created once again through Google mobile game

The recent launch of Endgame: The Calling is based on the first of the popular three novel series.

In January, it was announced that Google was joining up with James Frey, the author of a highly popular series of novels, into a project that would create an interactive augmented reality mobile game experience based on those books.

This effort was the next step in a broader AR technology based game experience that expands beyond Ingress.

The Ingress augmented reality platform has proven to be quite a popular experience provided by Niantic Labs, but now Google is clearly stepping this up by creating some new products that will also use AR. Niantic Labs has also taken the step to share some of the tools that it uses in order to give third party developers the opportunity to be able to create some of their own titles, as well.

Now, the Endgame: The Calling augmented reality app has been launched as a highly interactive game.

The concept of this AR game is to create an entire world based on the novels in the series by Frey. Niantic Labs is seeking to create puzzles in real life, as well as treasure hunts and the clues that are necessary for those, in addition to web videos and other components that can help to create a complementing experience out of each of the novels. For example, when it comes to Endgame, there is a website that links to the story which is called Ancient Societies. That provides you additional information from the lead characters within the story that the reader is enjoying. This is a unique and refreshing way to tell a story in a highly interactive way. That said, it has yet to be seen whether or not publishers and authors will be interested in getting on board in order to design similar types of mobile game experiences in the future, and whether or not augmented reality will be the type of technology that will interest readers who would like to play mobile games that are based on the stories that they have come to greatly enjoy.

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