Augmented Reality Will Change Your World

Augmented reality is beginning to gain traction in many sectors, particularly entertainment. This technology is not new, having first been alluded to in 1901. In 1968, the first augmented reality headset was invented by Ivan Sutherland. Since then, the technology has been experiencing slow advances until very recently. In the 2000’s, the technology began receiving more attention as a way to, quite literally, change the way people see and experience the world around them. In the past few years, augmented reality has come to play a major role in the tech field, especially when it comes to mobile technology.

In entertainment, AR is beginning to play a big role. The technology is being put to use in a variety of mobile applications, many of which involve gaming. The game industry has taken a strong interest in AR because of its interactive nature. Companies like Sony and Microsoft are reportedly developing AR headsets that can transform a living room into an interactive gaming experience. Some small development studios are using the technology in their games to provide players with an experience they cannot find elsewhere.

augmented reality  could change the worldBeyond the novelty aspects of AR, the technology is seeing some practical use as well. In the medical field, augmented reality is being used as a sort of high-tech assistant. Surgeons are using the technology to perform delicate procedures with extreme accuracy. AR is also being used for biological studies, allowing researchers to see and manipulate 3D images of cells. AR is also used in architecture, where computer-generated images of a structure can be superimposed over real life locations.

Augmented reality certainly has the potential to change the way people see the world, but its capabilities are often limited by existing hardware. Many mobile devices are simply not powerful enough to take full advantage of the features of AR. Larger computers can push the limits of AR, but tend to fall short as the use of AR becomes more complex. In the future, the limitations imposed on AR may be erased, and how the technology injects itself in daily life may be a marvel.

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