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Mobile Application Development Cost

Are you someone who is thinking of building a mobile application development? Do you want to know about mobile app development estimation? Keep scrolling to find out how to estimate mobile app development cost and what you’ll need before hiring an app developer.


If you are planning to build a mobile app development, you must have a fair idea about the estimated cost that will be required for the project. You would also need to know how much time it will take to bring the project to life. If all of these questions are thought through beforehand then there is a high chance that you might not face as many problems as you would otherwise without considering these factors.

What affects the cost?

The estimated cost of the mobile app development can vary, depending on various features. The overall price of the entire project relies on how well it will function. One more thing that needs to be taken into account is the wages of those people who are involved in the building process of mobile app development. There are different features of an app that need to be taken into consideration.


A mobile app development cost depends on the different types of features that are required in the application. Each feature has its own fixed cost. The cost of the features depends on the time that is required to build those products in the mobile app development.

Here is a list of how much different features can cost:

  • If you are looking to build push notifications then it might cost you something from $1,000 to 1,500. It takes around 25 to 30 hours to build this feature.
  • Building a text messenger feature would cost you something between$6,500 to 7,000. It takes approximately 160 to 170 hours to build this feature.
  • Integration with Apple Pay and Google Pay would cost you something from $1,000 to 3,200. It takes around 25 to 80 hours to build this feature.

Supported platforms

If you plan to develop an app specifically for one platform, native development (Kotin for Android and Swift for iOS) is the best choice in terms of performance, stability and price. However, if you want your app to be present in both Google Play and Apple Store, consider building the app with a cross-platform framework such as Flutter, React Native, Xamarin and others. Building a cross-platform app costs slightly higher than a native one. For instance, in the United States, a cross-platform developer earns about 10% more than their colleague working with native languages.


Every mobile app requires an update to maintain its complete compatibility with any new device. Usually, these expenses amount to about 15% of the initial development cost/year. 

Also, since almost every mobile app store uses data, you will have to rent a secure server or cloud storage. The annual bill on renting a server’s space starts at $1500, depending on the amount of data and number of users.

Mobile Application Development Cost

Development team size

How many people develop your app should be determined according to the project’s complexity. You can find out more about who you will need in your development team once you do your proper research.

Generally, the following setup is included:

  • Two developers: iOS, Android or cross-platform.
  • Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer: A QA Engineer reviews all specifications and technical documents, as well as creates and plans all testing activities for the mobile app development.
  • Backend developer oversees data storage, payment systems and logic of app operation.
  • UX/UI Designer creates a user-friendly interface for the mobile app.
  • Project-manager manages the development process and communicates directly with the client.

The Team’s location

One factor that plays an important role in determining the mobile app development cost is the location of the team. Yes, you read that correctly. If we take into account the price of the mobile app developers based in North America, they are mostly over $100/hour. Mobile app developers based in Western Europe provide the services but at half price. Yes, it is that much of a difference.

Mobile Application Specifications

It is important that you first go through all the mobile app development specifications before estimating the cost of the project. You cannot reach any technical specifications before reviewing the concepts.


To give you a better overview of how to calculate the mobile app development cost, you must realize all that you have to do at first. Make sure that you have a list ready of all the application features. This list will include the type of users, the roles they play and the different classes that they cater to. In the overview, there will be ample information about the hardware and software details of the mobile app. Apart from all this, there will be a detailed overview of the design and the constraints that might arise at a later stage of the project. A list of user documentation is also required.

Functional requirements

Certain functional requirements are needed during software in-app breakdown development.

They are as follows:

  1. Purpose of building the mobile app development 
  2. The detailed information about a feature
  3. What a feature does
  4. Implementation priorities 
  5. Use cases

External interfaces

Here is a list of all the external interfaces of the mobile app development:

  • Screens

As the user interface, prototype and description of each app screen are shared.

  • Software Interface

It includes the specification of the APIs, the operating system, the database and the third-party software.

  • Hardware interface

The hardware interface includes the various technical features of how the mobile app development works with the hardware of the device.

  • Communication interface

The communication interface describes the features of the mobile app development such as the email, the different browsers and the messaging.

  • Other parameters 

The other external interfaces include but are not limited to the use of geographic data, push notifications, in-app purchases, data security and the various performance measurements of the mobile app development.

Estimation process

After the technical aspects of the mobile app development are sorted, it is time to estimate the cost of the entire project. After all, there is nothing in the world like a free lunch. The mobile app development cost is estimated based on the various steps and specifications required in the entire process.

Here is a list of the different steps that help in the mobile app development cost:

  • Breakdown

It is important to first start with the breakdown of the technical requirements and specifications of the mobile app development cost. It could be easily done with the help of decomposing the cost into small parts of the application.

Here is how you can do a breakdown of the mobile app development cost:

  • By screens

To be able to break down by screens, a wireframe of each of the screens must be analysed first. This could be easily done with the help of the present features such as the login or the audio recording options.

  • By function

To be able to break down the mobile app development cost by function, all the functions of the application must be analyzed. Make sure you are well aware of how a certain function works and why it is there.

  • Developer estimation

After the breakdown of the mobile app development cost is done, you need to estimate a cost for the developer that would do all the leg work. The developer will closely monitor how long it will take to program every feature in the mobile app. They will give you a fair idea about the time that it will take you during this process.

  • Project manager’s cost

Usually what mobile app developers do is overestimate the time which is required in the entire process. This kind of makes the job of a project manager tough.

In a sense, it is upon the project manager to strike the right balance and manage the time accordingly. The project manager should also be able to balance out the estimated cost and make sure that there is quality work. Another thing that the project manager needs to do is to make sure that the entire project has a code merge amongst the developers; factorization and the release are taken care of.

  • Final estimation

At this stage, the project manager gives the final estimations of the mobile app project. This step also includes everything else from other team members. If any corrections are required, they are taken care of at this final stage.

Price models

Two reliable price models are used in the mobile app development cost.

Here they are:

  • Fixed-price

The fixed price model has a specific list of the different features of mobile app development. It also has what the features will be used for once the mobile app development is built. Not to forget, the mobile app development cost is also determined through this price model. So, just in case, if any other work occurs during the mobile app development stage, there is an additional cost that needs to be added to the estimation. It requires an agreement with the client to avoid any issues at a later stage. 

  • Time and material

The second type of price model is the time and material model. This is a pretty flexible price model as compared to the fixed price model.

Here are some of the key features of the time and material price model:

  1. The developer provides a rough estimation of the mobile app development cost that will be required in the different stages of the project.
  2. The developers start with the mobile app development process and present the outcome to the client at the end of each stage to make sure that there is no ambiguity regarding the money.
  3. If there is any need for any additional work, the developers let the client know and the client then pays for the additional mobile app development cost.


Mobile app development cost is not an easy game. The entire process takes into account the various aspects of the mobile app development based on the technical requirements that you have.


Once you start working on mobile app development, it is important that you first sort out the mobile app development estimation and cost to avoid any issues at a later stage. Make sure that you have clarified everything with the developers and the project manager beforehand. You can follow the two price models listed in this article for your mobile app development cost. The two models can be quite beneficial for you during the entire project, depending on your individual needs and requirements.

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Sudoku Free: How To Solve A Sudoku Puzzle in Three Steps

Sudoku is a classic and one of the most popular block puzzle games. You can either play it in a newspaper, magazine or online. Whichever platform you choose to play Sudoku, there is no doubt that you will still enjoy some thrilling experiences. 

With the development in the gaming industry, players now have thousands of games with their fingerprints. They can download these games on Google Play Store or Apple Store. Some of these games are free while others aren’t. An example of a free game is Sudoku free. You can download this fun and addictive game on your phone and start playing it wherever and whenever you want. 

What is Sudoku?

Sudoku is a puzzle game played on a 9×9 grid. The player is required to place the numbers 1 to 9 on that grid. No number should be repeated within a square, row, or column. One of the best things about the Sudoku puzzle game is that it allows players to undo a certain entry. 

If you are a puzzle lover and looking for a puzzle game that can tease your mind and keep it in good shape, Sudoku should be on your priority list. Not only is this game fun, but it has amazing gameplay. So it guarantees you an excellent gaming experience. 

Sudoku was first released in 1979. Since then, many variations have been released. Some of the most popular versions of Sudoku include Samurai Sudoku, Mini Sudoku, Jigsaw Sudoku, among many others.  The modern Sudoku found online is among the games that have received the most downloads. 

If you want to start playing Sudoku, you are in the right place. In this article, we give you an ultimate guide to help you solve the Sudoku puzzle. 

Downloading Sudoku Free on your smartphone

If you want to enjoy the Sudoku puzzle game on your phone, then you must first download it. You can either download it on Google App Store or Apple Store, depending on your mobile’s operating system. The game is free to download. Once you have downloaded it, the next step is to install it. After installing the game, you can play it whenever and wherever you want.

Playing Sudoku online has plenty of benefits compared to playing it in a magazine or newspaper. One of the main advantages is that it is always available and you can use various helpful features. You can also get hints, correct, or delete the number you have placed. Again, whenever you feel tired and want to take a break, you can always press a pause button. 

Now that you have the game on your phone, let’s see how you can play it successfully. 

3 steps for solving Sudoku

  • Look for possible hints

When you want to start playing the Sudoku puzzle, you need to pay attention and look around the grid and find the areas that already have numerous numbers in place. For instance, if there is a row that is already having 7 out of 9 numbers in place, or a square that already has 6 numbers out of 9 in place, these could be the best places to start.

It is advisable to start by placing more numbers in the parts of the grid that already has plenty of numbers. That’s because it makes it easier to figure out which numbers are missing in the square or row. 

If you start your Sudoku puzzle by concentrating on a few areas that already have a lot of numbers in place already [more than 6 numbers], it would be easy to start the game and fill in the blank spaces.

  • Build your momentum

Each number that you place onto the grid gives you tips and hints that can help you solve the additional blank spaces. Each time you place a new number on the grid, take a look at the neighboring rows, columns, and squares to see how the rest of the grid is affected by the number you have inserted. This can help you see new hints and opportunities to insert additional numbers. 

If you build your momentum this way, you can easily turn a few initial number placements into a long-term success.  For instance, you might find that putting the 8th and 9th numbers in a specific row can give you new hints that can help you eliminate other numbers from that parallel square. Each number that is added to the grid provides you the opportunity to rule out other numbers from the nearby empty spaces. 

Sudoku Free: How To Solve A Sudoku Puzzle in Three Steps

  • Scan the grid for additional opportunities

When you want to play Sudoku, you must concentrate on the game. This is the only way you will be able to successfully solve it. So, once you have built the momentum of your success and eliminated any hitch, the next important thing you need to do is to hover around the grid to identify any new opportunity. It is advisable to try looking at the grid with fresh eyes. So if you feel a bit worn out, you can take a break and come back with fresh eyes and a mind that can help you spot new opportunities. Don’t’ just bog down in one corner of the grid or in one area of the grid, just because you thought you could place a lot of numbers there. There is no denying that Sudoku requires a player to stay alert and adaptive. You must also be flexible and try new areas of the grid if you successfully want to solve your Sudoku.

Final thoughts

There you have it- how you can easily solve Sudoku free. Playing Sudoku isn’t as hard as many people believe. If you are equipped with the right tips, you can easily solve a Sudoku. Even if you are stuck, you can use the strategies available to unstuck. So, now that you know how you can solve the Sudoku puzzle game, you can go ahead and download it on your smartphone. Sudoku free is a puzzle game that is a must-have for any adult who loves block puzzle games.