Apple’s mobile payments expansion is finding lackluster support from banks

Banks have relatively low interest in Apple Pay

Apple is running into trouble with the expansion of its mobile payments service, Apple Pay. The company has been trying to convince the world’s largest banks to support the service, but the banks have shown relatively little interest. Apple is looking to launch Apple Pay in China in the coming year, but financial institutions have yet to be dazzled by the mobile payments service. Banks in other countries are showing similar disinterest, as well, slowing the expansion of Apple Pay considerably.

Australian banks have yet to show any strong support for Apple’s mobile payments service

Last month, Apple did manage to launch its mobile payments service in Australia, with the aid of American Express. While Apple Pay has come to Australia, it has yet to acquire the support of the country’s four largest banks, ANZ, National Australia Bank, Commonwealth Bank, and Westpac. These banks represent an estimated 80% of consumers in the country that are already using mobile payments systems.

Banks have already established a foothold in the mobile payments market

Mobile Payments - Australia & Apple PayAustralian banks seem uninterested in Apple Pay because they have already done all the work to make mobile payments available in the country/ As such, some of these banks may see Apple as looking to come in and take advantage of a market that has already been established. Australian consumers have had access to a wide range of mobile payments services for some time, most of which have managed to acquire the support of the country’s banks.

Apple continues to face significant competition

Apple has overcome many challenges in the mobile payments space in the past, but without support from banks, Apple Pay may find relatively little traffic in promising markets. When Apple Pay launches in other countries, it will be facing significant competition from other companies that are involved in the mobile payments space, some of whom have already established a significant foothold in several markets. Considering the interest that iOS users have in mobile payments, however, Apple may be able to find success even if banks are relatively wary.

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