Apple takes a swing at mobile commerce

Apple finally moves into the mobile commerce sector

Apple has been taking a slow and steady approach to the matter of mobile commerce. The company faced harsh criticism from consumers recently due to the fact that it did not include NFC technology in the iPhone 5. Moreover, the company refuses to support NFC technology in any significant fashion, which keeps most Apple devices away from the realm of mobile commerce. While third parties have brought mobile commerce to these devices, Apple itself remains cautious on how to approach the issue due to concerns regarding security.

iCloud Keychain revealed by Apple

Despite Apple’s caution, the company has released its first authentic mobile commerce platform, called the iCloud Keychain. The iCloud Keychain exists as a sort of mobile wallet, upon which consumers can store a variety of information, such as passwords and financial details. This information can then be used across several Apple devices to log into websites or make purchases online. The platform does not support NFC technology as it exists as an application rather than a physical device, but it will allow Apple consumers to participate in mobile commerce to some degree.

Apple takes swing at mobile commerceCompany’s worries over security continue

Apple’s caution regarding mobile commerce is due to the serious security concerns that the company has. Mobile commerce is not only popular with consumers; it is also very popular with hackers that are looking to exploit the financial information of consumers. Most mobile commerce platforms are based on NFC technology, which Apple believes to be insecure by nature. Because Apple has little trust in the security of NFC, the company has been working to find an adequate alternative to the technology while ensuring that the financial information of consumers is kept safe.

Apple remains cautious of mobile commerce

Apple has flaunted its ambitions in the mobile commerce realm in the past, but the company is in no rush to compete with others in this emerging field. Those that have rushed into the mobile commerce field have been met with several challenges that have proven very difficult to overcome. Apple is currently observing the sector to keep track of these challenges and finding solutions based on the examples provided by other companies.

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