Apple iPhone 5S could be a move toward mobile payments

Apple unveils iPhone 5S and 5C

Apple revealed its highly anticipated iPhone 5S this week during a special press event, but the famed technology company also unveiled some unexpected products as well. Apple has been fighting to maintain its market share in the mobile sector for some time, and this fight has became more desperate when long-time rival Samsung took the top spot in the global market. In an effort to boost device sales, Apple unveiled the iPhone 5C, which is meant to be a low-end smartphone designed to appeal to the world’s low-income populace.

New 5S could be a hint at Apple’s mobile payments interests

Apple’s event was enough to generate hype among long-time supporters of the company. The iPhone 5S has won praise for the new features it offers, the most notable of which is fingerprint sensor technology that could make the device much more secure than its predecessors. This technology could also help Apple break into the mobile payments space, which the company has been approaching with caution for some time. While Apple sees a great deal of promise in mobile payments, the company considers this sector to be somewhat dangerous due to the lackluster security features that some payment platforms offer.

Fingerprint technology may help make mobile payments more secure

While Apple has not yet made an announcement concerning its plans for mobile payments, the iPhone 5S could provide some insight on where the company is heading in this sector. Equipped with a fingerprint scanner, the iPhone 5S is able to function as the most secure mobile payments platform available. The technology is able to authorize payments more effectively than conventional platforms, many of which are based on NFC technology. Apple considered NFC technology to be lackluster for mobile payments because the technology is susceptible to hacking, putting a consumer’s financial information at risk.

5C designed for low-income consumers

The iPhone 5C and other models are not designed with mobile payments in mind. The 5C is meant to appeal to low-income consumers who have an interest in smartphones but not necessarily enough money to purchase cutting-edge models. The iPhone 5C is expected to retail for approximately $99, whereas the iPhone 5S will feature a significantly higher price tag.

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