Amazon reportedly acquires mobile commerce firm

Amazon acquires GoPago

Acclaimed online retailer Amazon has announced the acquisition of GoPago, a mobile commerce firm based in San Francisco, California. Amazon has been working to establish a more formidable presence in the mobile space in recent years, aiming to compete with companies like eBay that have found a great deal of success by engaging mobile consumers. The acquisition of GoPago may provide Amazon with the extra tools it needs to overcome the competition.

Firm shows promise in the mobile sector

GoPago was launched in 2009 and is responsible for a mobile application that allows users to browse and pay for products from their smartphones. The firm later went on to specialize in point-of-sale software, developing solutions for merchants interested in engaging the mobile audience. JPMorgan Chase invested an undisclosed amount of money into the firm in February of this year, adding to GoPago’s stance in the mobile sector and attracting a great deal of attention to the firm.

Ambitious new projects may be coming in the future

amazon mobile commerceGoPago suggests that its acquisition by Amazon will open the door for ambitious new projects, but what these projects will be has yet to be announced. Amazon itself has yet to announce any new and ambitious mobile projects as the company has been somewhat heavily focused on the projects that are already underway. How GoPago will fit into the Amazon portfolio and what benefits it will bring have yet to be seen.

Retail mobile commerce is becoming more competitive

Mobile commerce has become quite popular in the world of retail. Several prominent companies have been investing heavily in the mobile sector in order to engage in a new generation of consumers. Currently, eBay and Amazon hold a very formidable place in the mobile retail sector. Companies like Square and Google are attracting more attention as providers of mobile commerce services and mobile wallets, however.

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