Amazon opens Appstore in China to boost mobile commerce

Mobile Commerce Amazon AppstoreAppstore could add momentum behind growth of mobile commerce

Early last month, Amazon announced plans to expand its Android Appstore to some 200 countries around the world. China, however, was not on the list of countries that Amazon had plans to expand into. These plans seemed to have changed in just under a month, as Amazon has announced that it has opened its Appstore in China, offering a bevy of applications to Kindle users and those with Android devices.  Amazon’s apparent change of heart may be due to the promising mobile commerce opportunities that exist in China.

China proves to be favorable market for Amazon

China is home to a bustling e-commerce sector. According to Internet Retailer, a market research firm, Amazon’s e-commerce sales in China came in at $8.8 billion in 2012, approximately 5% of the company’s total online sales. Many of these sales came from mobile devices. Mobile commerce has been gaining a great deal of support from Chinese consumers, many of whom have shown strong favor for more convenient ways to pay for products that they are interested in.

Appstore expected to boost brand recognition and loyalty

By opening up its Appstore in China, Amazon is likely to find more traction among the mobile crowd. Consumers will have more access to the company’s products, particularly those designed for Kindle devices. The Appstore is also likely to drive brand recognition and consumer engagement, further solidifying Amazon as the dominating force in online retail in China.

Mobile commerce continues to gain traction around the world

China is just one of Amazon’s favored markets. The company has been showing a growing interest in mobile commerce as consumers around the world become more mobile. This can be seen in Europe and the U.S., as well as China. These markets have served to propel Amazon’s interest in the mobile commerce field, encouraging the company to engage a new generation of mobile-centric business that has begun a strong emergence around the world.

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