Amazon is taking another step into the mobile payments space

Amazon launches its Pay with Amazon buttons

Major retailer Amazon is looking to make mobile payments easier for consumers with smartphones and tablets. The company has released its Pay with Amazon buttons, which are affixed to products and advertisements being viewed on mobile devices. These buttons can be pressed to initiate a transaction, allowing consumers to use their mobile device to pay for goods. Amazon has been expanding into the mobile payments space for some time, seeing major promise in the growing power of mobile shoppers.

Buttons will allow consumers to make transactions from their mobile devices in a convenient and familiar fashion

The Pay with Amazon buttons have been designed so they can be included in mobile applications developed by other retailers. These buttons are meant to provide consumers with a familiar feeling, as they are expected to have had some experience with Amazon purchases in the past. Amazon boasts of having more than 200 million customers throughout the world, and many of these people are beginning to access Amazon through their mobile devices. They are also making transactions through Amazon using their smartphones.

More merchants are becoming mobile-centric

Amazon - Mobile PaymentsA growing number of merchants that are using the Amazon platform are becoming mobile-centric. As they begin to focus more heavily on mobile consumers, the demand for mobile payment support is on the rise. Merchants want to ensure they connect with mobile consumers in an effective manner. Other large retailers are also beginning to get involved in the mobile payments space, creating pressure for Amazon to adapt or be left behind.

Amazon predicts strong adoption for its Pay with Amazon buttons

Pay with Amazon is expected to grow quickly. The initial release of the buttons have already seen an 180% growth in adoption since when they were being tested some time ago. Amazon will depend quite heavily on its retail partners in order to ensure the continued growth and use of the buttons. In the coming years, more consumers are expected to participate in mobile commerce, placing Amazon in an ideal position to take advantage of the mobile space.

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