4G could be a boon for mobile commerce

Mobile Commerce UK 4G speeds may make mobile commerce a major success in the UK

Mobile commerce is on the rise in the United Kingdom and the success of retailers focusing more on mobile payments may rely heavily on Internet speeds. Mobile Internet is still in a state of infancy throughout much of the world. High-speed 4G connections are still somewhat rare, despite rampant demand for such a service. While telecommunications companies are putting a great deal of effort behind making 4G more widely available, delays in high-speed mobile Internet access could mean missed opportunities for UK retailers.

Retailers beginning to become more accommodating of mobile commerce

Retailers throughout the United Kingdom are becoming more inclined to support mobile commerce in a variety of ways. As consumers become more reliant on their mobile devices, they are beginning to find their smartphones and tablets useful for shopping and similar activities. Mobile shopping is quickly becoming a very popular trend among many consumers, according to a recent study from eBay Europe. The study suggests that access to 4G speeds could lead to a universal surge in mobile commerce as consumers find services easier to use.


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eBay predicts surge in mobile shopping

eBay Europe predicts that the expansion of 4G availability could cause mobile shopping to spike by 113%. High-speed connectivity means that mobile commerce services are easier to use. This also means that mobile payments can be processed more quickly, eliminating the waiting period that could potentially lead to some payments being lost in virtual limbo because of a connectivity issue with a mobile network. Along with  a surge in mobile shopping, eBay Europe predicts that high-speed Internet could lead to more sales.

High-speed Internet could lead the way for higher sales

eBay anticipates that 4G connectivity will help mobile commerce reach more than $2 billion in sales in the coming years. Access to high-speed Internet makes it easier for consumers to find products they are interested in. It also makes it easier for consumers to purchase these products and continue shopping, thereby increasing the amount of money people are willing to spend while shopping online with their smartphones and tablets.

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