Are the videos we watch on our smartphones telling us what to buy?

Video has become a central part of our mobile device use.

After all, smartphones and tablets make it very convenient to watch any of the millions of videos that are readily available online. In fact, the consumption of video over smartphones is growing faster than that over PC and tablets.

In the United States alone, there are about 41 million people who are watching video specifically on their smartphones.  Though we might assume that the smartphone screen would be too small to be able to enjoy video, it certainly hasn’t stopped us.  The fact is that these devices are simply too handy to ignore.  We have them on us all the time so when we want to see a video, they’re the obvious choice.

After all, most video views aren’t exactly planned.  They’re spontaneous and occur as a result of having stumbled across them during other smartphone uses. This helps to explain why a mobile charger gadget has become such an important gadget as video is notorious for draining battery power. This is especially true when a specific brand or celebrity is involved in a video.

Are the videos we watch on our smartphones telling us what to buy?


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That said, viewers don’t just idly watch and then shut off their devices.  They often use video to learn about different brands and products.  Moreover, they will frequently make shopping decisions based on what they’ve seen.  In fact, according to some studies, 73 percent of consumers have an increased likelihood of making a purchase after having watched a video.

A recent survey showed that 58 percent of consumers find brands more trustworthy when they produce video.  Consumers also find videos to be very helpful.  Ninety six percent feel that videos make it easier to make decisions about what they want to buy.  Another 71 percent of consumers felt that they felt more positively about a company, service or brand after having seen a corporate video from them.

For marketers, brands and companies, this is a very important piece of knowledge, but at the same time, it’s important for us to acknowledge as consumers, too.  After all, videos have become quite an important part of our overall shopping experience.

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