Using QR code and mobile commerce to make shopping easier

qr code jean shoppingShopping is not a great experience for everyone, and if you visit Hointer in Seattle, shoppers will find a new and possibly more exciting way to find the perfect pair of jeans or the top that really does fit just right with the use of QR code and mobile commerce to find sizes and even to pay when the fit is right on target.

Not everyone loves shopping

A group of girlfriends may love spending time in a store together trying on the newest styles and showing each other how they look. However, not every consumer wants to shop this way. In fact, if some could, they would never set foot inside a clothing store if they could help it. Those consumers may find the shopping experience at Hointer a little more to their liking and may come home from shopping feeling a little more relaxed than in the past.

New system with QR code and mobile commerce

Shoppers at Hoitner will come into a store that seems to be missing some merchandise. The system is based on QR code, so a smartphone is a must. Costumers will see just one of each style of clothing. They can choose the jeans they would like to try and scan the code. In the dressing room, a pair in the size of their choosing comes via a shoot and they can then see if they fit and look good. Rejected pairs can be returned, or the customer can keep them by using mobile commerce to pay for the jeans with their smartphone.

Stores of the future?

The Hoitner experience is probably not for everyone, but even die-hard shoppers may see some value in such a shopping experience when they simply do not have all day to shop or are having a hard time finding what they want. Men who detest shopping may find huge value in this type of experience, as will those that find chatting with salespeople something they simple do not like to do. Those with a taste for the future, less time to shop, and a love of science fiction may find this one shopping trip they simply can not pass up.

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