Technology news statistics show iOS smartphone shares dropping

At the same time, Android seems to be snatching up every bit of territory lost by Apple.

With an extremely broad range of different mobile devices now available around the world, technology news headlines have been placing a growing focus on the shares that are held by the various top operating systems, particularly iOS and Android.Technology News - iOS Shares Dropping

Every year, it appears that Android is taking a little bit more of the share, while iOS slowly slides.

As smartphones improve their penetration in countries all over the world, the broader availability of mobile devices based on Android, and their general better affordability has ensured that the latest technology news has been an ever growing overall market share for smartphones based on that operating system. It has also helped to ensure that Android is able to maintain its position in the dominant spot.

Recent technology news research has shown that in the United States, Android is headed upward.

Kanatar Worldpanel has just released the results of some of its latest research, which has shown that from December 2012 to December 2013, the Android market share in the United States increased to 50.6 percent, which represents a rise of 4.4 percent. Comparatively, iOS smartphones saw a drop in their total share, to bring it to 43.9 percent, which represents a loss of 5.8 percent during that same span of time.

The gap in the market share is even greater in the parts of the globe where Apple hasn’t yet truly established any significant foothold, and where Android is by far the leader. Many Asian and European countries are greatly dominated by Android and, despite attempts that Apple has made to crack into those regions, it has never managed to make its way in with most consumers, particularly among those whose financial resources are limited.

Two solid examples of the growth that Android has been making are in China and Spain. According to the Kantar technology news, there was a growth in China’s market share from 2012 to 2013 that brought it to 78.6 percent. In Spain, the figure was 86.2 percent. Previously, Apple has been focusing on the markets in North America over those in Asia and Europe, which is likely a major contributor in the market share difference.

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