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Mobile payments preferred by video gamers

WorldPay has revealed its latest data in a whitepaper that showed that paying using smartphones is favored.

According to the latest research findings from online and mobile payments and risk services provider, WorldPay, consumers around the world are using their smartphones as an alternative method of paying with credit cards on an increasing basis when it comes to buying video games.

The whitepaper revealed that gamers like the opportunity to use their gadgets instead of plastic cards.

The whitepaper was entitled “Video Games Payment Preferences” and it included the data regarding the outcome of the survey responses from 7,554 gamers who have purchased a video game online. It asked them about the frustrations that they experienced throughout this process, as well as about their interest in alternative methods of paying, such as the use of mobile payments. Among the respondents, 51 percent were using those alternatives, when compared to 46 percent who were still using debit and credit cards for buying these products.

It should be noted that mobile payments were one category of the alternative payments in the WorldPay survey.

Mobile payments and mobile gamingAside from mobile payments, other methods that were included in the alternative category were real money based e-wallets, credits and points based systems, direct transfers and direct debits, mobile phone carrier billing, and cash vouchers.

The study also determined that the highest amount of use for alternative and mobile payments was from consumers residing within emerging marketplaces. It determined that 71 percent of gamers in Russia were using alternatives, while the same could be said of 79 percent of the consumers in China.

WorldPay explained that e-wallets have been a considerable driving force behind the increase in the use of alternative and mobile payments. Among all overall transactions, this category made up 27 percent of the total. This was true regardless of whether gamers were purchasing new games, or expansions or modifications to existing video games. Although this may represent only just slightly over one quarter of all of the transaction types in terms of volume, the company pointed out that this should still be taken very seriously as it is also an extremely rapidly growing category.

MoPowered sees progress in UK mobile commerce

MoPowered helps power mobile commerce growth in the UK

MoPowered, a software-as-a-service platform that was launched in early 2012, has announced that it has reached a significant milestone in terms of mobile commerce. The platform is designed to work with businesses and enable them to tap into the growing popularity of the mobile space. MoPowered has helped several businesses embrace mobile commerce in a significant fashion, allowing companies to accept and process mobile payments in a convenient way. MoPowered has teamed with companies like PayPal, WorldPay, and MasterCard, which has enabled it to see strong growth in the realm of mobile commerce.

MoPowered processes 300,000 transactions per day

MoPowered has announced that it now processes more than 300,000 mobile transactions on a daily basis. In the United Kingdom alone, the platform has access to some 80% of the country’s merchants. These merchants have shown a strong interest in engaging mobile consumers, largely due to the growing importance of smartphones and tablets. These devices have become much more than simple communication tools for consumers and they now represent a very important social and commerce tool as well. With consumers putting so much importance on their smartphones and tablets, businesses have been positioning themselves to connect with these consumers on a mobile level.

Mobile Commerce UKPlatform helps bring mobile commerce to businesses

MoPowered has helped enabled merchants to enter into the mobile commerce field, allowing them to compete with others that had already embraced this form of commerce as well as connect with consumers in a more dynamic way. Mobile commerce has managed to become a very active field in the United Kingdom, especially in regards to the retail sector.

MoPowered expected to continue seeing strong growth

MoPowered has established several strategic partnerships with many companies in the United Kingdom. NEXT is one of these companies and MoPowered is the sole provider of mobile websites and applications for this particular company. MoPowered is considered one of the driving forces behind the adoption of mobile commerce in the United Kingdom and is expected to continue forming strong partnerships with several businesses throughout the country.