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Mobile marketing partnership established between Weve and Heineken

The alliance between the two companies is estimated to be worth approximately £500,000.

A cross portfolio contract is bringing Weve – the m-commerce platform that was created by Vodafone, O2, and EE – together with Heineken UK in a mobile marketing campaign to target smartphone carrying consumers.

This is one element of a larger deal worth a half of a billion pounds that is meant to expand Heineken’s m-commerce presence.

The alcohol company is hoping that it will be able to broaden the reach of its ads throughout the smartphone channel with this mobile marketing partnership. It was negotiated by Starcom MediaVest Group and will be reaching all of the brands from Heineken, including Fosters, Strongbow, and Bulmers. It will be launching its campaigns throughout July and continuing them throughout the remainder of the year.

Heineken has been growing its focus on mobile marketing as it grows its presence on the smartphone channel.

Mobile Marketing - HeinekenThe company is especially looking focused on the “always on” environment that involves mobile marketing through messaging. This new partnership represents a continuing increase that has been occurring year over year in its investments into this space. The reason is that it has found that the brands that have been concentrating more on smartphone advertising and on being tech savvy are those that are gaining a much more meaningful access to consumers and that are achieving a richer audience insight level.

Senior brand manager from Heineken UK, Lynsey Hurst spoke of this new mobile marketing deal by saying that “The opportunity with Weve is unique and is naturally full of innovation, Weve are uniquely positioned in the market, both in terms of targeting capabilities and detailed audience understanding, they are therefore a perfect partner for our brands to be working more closely with.”

It was also revealed that Weve and Heineken will be working together on focused research in order to be able to measure the value of their mobile marketing strategies and campaigns. It will also be monitoring the impact made on the sales data by their central off-trade and on-trade partners. The goal is to be able to gain a much better understanding of the techniques and hone the strategy in the most effective and efficient way.

Mobile marketing to heat up in the UK

Mobile marketing expected to reach new heights during the summer

Mobile marketing is expected to go into high gear in the United Kingdom in the coming months. Some 17 million consumers throughout the country will be receiving targeting advertisements throughout their mobile devices as major retailers and telecommunications operators begin working together over the summer. Vodafone, EE, and O2 are the country’s largest telecommunications companies and each has been working with large retail brands to launch new mobile marketing campaigns.

Weve to lead massive mobile marketing push

These three companies have pooled a great deal of data into a single platform that they are calling Weve. This joint venture organization is meant to leverage this consumer data in order to deliver very direct advertisements to very specific demographics. The data used by Weve is comprised of age, gender, mobile device details, and other such information that could determine the type of advertisements a consumer sees.

UK mobile marketing shows promise for summerWeve to bid for mobile advertising space

During the summer, Weve will be bidding on mobile advertising space. The organization is eager to purchase space on various mobile applications and websites, but has a keen interest in mobile games. These games are enjoyed by a vast number of consumers throughout the United Kingdom and constant exposure to these games means constant exposure to mobile marketing. Mobile games may be the best avenue for the organizations marketing endeavors, but they do not encompass Weve’s overall interests in mobile marketing.

Weve receives regulatory approval from EU

Because Weve makes use of data collected from consumers, there have been concerns regarding privacy and how this data is being used or shared with others. In November of last year, the European Union granted regulatory approval to Weve, suggesting that the organization is not using consumer data in any way that could be considered malicious. Moreover, the data collected by Weve is entirely anonymous, with no personal details, apart from age and gender, being accessed by the organization.