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Vodafone tests mobile commerce platform in New Zealand

Test launch of mobile commerce platform begins in New Zealand

Vodafone, a global telecommunications organization, is one of several companies in its industry that have been showing aggressive interest in mobile commerce. Consumers are becoming more involved in mobile technology, leading to a growing demand for a more convenient, tech-savvy form of commerce. Vodafone has been working to position itself as a leader in the mobile commerce sector by meeting this demand with its SmartPass platform. The company has recently begun a pilot test for the platform in Auckland, New Zealand, before an international launch later this year.

SmartPass leverages the power of NFC technology

The SmartPass is based on NFC technology and leverages NFC in order to facilitate mobile payments. The technology is quite common in the mobile commerce sector, forming the backbone for the majority of other platforms that could be considered competitors to SmartPass. The platform was developed with the help of Visa, which also has a vested interest in mobile commerce. The pilot launch of the platform is meant to expose consumers to mobile commerce and provide merchants with an effective way to engage mobile consumers.

Mobile Commerce VodafoneNFC-enabled devices still rare among consumers

Vodafone expects the pilot launch to last at least two months, hoping to solve some of the undiscovered issues that the SmartPass may have during that time. The company is aware of the low availability of NFC-enabled devices in the consumer market, but does not anticipate this to be a significant problem. SmartPass, like other NFC-based mobile commerce platforms, can only be used by NFC-enabled devices. These devices are becoming more common, but many consumers have shied away from mobile commerce because they are unwilling to purchase a new, expensive smartphone or tablet just to be able to make a mobile payment at a physical store.

SmartPass to function as mobile wallet

The SmartPass is not only able to facilitate mobile payments, of course, as it is also designed to function as a sort of digital wallet. The platform is capable of storing a variety of financial information that could be used by consumers at any given time. Like other platforms, SmartPass is also expected to keep track of special offers that consumers receive from merchants and the brands they are interested in.

Commerce Commission of New Zealand mobilizes to keep track of mobile pricing


The Commerce Commission keeps tabs on pricing in wake of Vodafone deal

The Commerce Commission, an ageNew Zealand Mobile Pricingncy of the New Zealand government, has mobilized to keep tabs on pricing for calls between fixed line platforms and mobile phones. The move comes in the wake of a deal between Vodafone New Zealand and TelstraClear, in which Vodafone acquired the latter party. The Commerce Commission is poised to keep an eye on the pricing schemes coming from Vodafone, as well as other telecommunications companies operating in the country. The agency has already imposed lower prices on calls in several mobile networks.

Regulator preparing to keep track of mobile commerce

Though the regulator is poised to take action if it detects some form of foul-play in terms of call pricing, the Commerce Commission is also keeping an eye on the growth of mobile commerce within the country. Mobile devices are becoming more common with consumers. As such, more people are being exposed to the concept of mobile commerce, whereby their mobile device is used to make payments for goods and services.

Youth of mobile commerce industry holds potential for malicious activity

Typically, mobile commerce platforms do not make money off of the applications they provide to consumers. Instead, companies charge a fee for each transaction processed through t he platform. Because mobile commerce is still a relatively young industry, there is potential for some companies to exploit consumers. It is this potential for malicious activity that has the Commerce Commission on its toes and ready to crack down on foul-play it may see.

Vodafone may be gearing up to push mobile commerce in New Zealand

Vodafone New Zealand is one of the largest mobile network operators in the country and is part of the larger Vodafone network. Vodafone has shown interest in mobile commerce in countries like Spain, but seems to have limited this interest to the European market. With TelstraClear now a part of the Vodafone network, the company may be gearing up for a push to bring mobile commerce to New Zealand, but such plans have not yet been set in stone.