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New mobile payments service launched by VeriFone

VeriFone and National Payment Card Association introduce new mobile payments solution

VeriFone, a global payments processor and service provider, and the National Payment Card Association have launched a new service designed to enable convenient store owners and petroleum retailers the ability to support mobile payments. As consumers become more focused on mobile technology, businesses are beginning to feel the need to adapt to the changing interests that consumers have. Mobile commerce is something that many people have been paying more attention to in recent years, and retailers have been working to accommodate consumers that are interested in mobile payments.

Solution targets convenience stores and fuel retailers

The new service utilizes VeriFone’s Smart Fuel Controller technology as well as a mobile payments solution developed by the National Payment Card Association. Using the new payment system, consumers can pay for gas and items from a convenience store with their mobile devices. The new service is also equipped with a reward program that can offer consumers discounts and other such benefits for their loyal patronage. VeriFone notes that consumers have been showing particular interest in rewards programs and these programs may be especially engaging for those that fuel their vehicles on a regular basis.

Mobile Payments - VeriFoneMobile commerce continues to gain attention

Mobile commerce has managed to gain significant traction among consumers and businesses alike, but mobile payments are still in a state of infancy when compared to more traditional forms of commerce. Businesses and consumers are still working to learn the various aspects that exist within the mobile commerce field. The learning experience has been somewhat turbulent at times, with some businesses failing to attract the support of consumers with their mobile commerce platforms and security threats stopping people from making mobile payments regularly.

Companies have high hopes for mobile payments service

VeriFone has high hopes for its new mobile payments venture. Convenience stores and petroleum retailers are frequently visited by a wide range of consumers on a daily basis. Providing these people with a way to make purchases using their mobile devices is expected to attract a great deal of attention and support for those that have a strong interest in convenient services.

Mobile payments available in NYC taxis

This new form of transaction comes as a result of the use of the Way2ride app from VeriFone.

VeriFone, one of the two organizations through which New York City taxis process credit card transactions to pay for rider fares (the other being Creative Media Technologies), has just launched a mobile payments app that will allow passengers to use their smartphones instead of a plastic card.

The application is free and will be available for use on both Android and iOS based smartphones.

The VeriFone mobile payments app is called Way2ride. It is designed to allow smartphone users to use their smartphone instead of a credit card, after having registered their card data in their phone. This is unique from the other mobile commerce projects that are currently being tested by the taxis in New York City because the three e-hail apps in those pilot projects are for calling cabs and not paying for them.

This makes the Way2ride app completely unique in its mobile payments features for the city.

NYC Taxi and mobile paymentsThe implementation of the Way2ride mobile payments app and system in New York City is meant to be only the start of a worldwide rollout for VeriFone. It said that it intends to offer the service in all of its network of 70,000 enabled cabs around the globe.

Mobile payments and apps are becoming an increasingly important and mainstream part of taxi service. Just recently, new legislation was released in Washington D.C. that gave the district’s area taxi companies the chance to add smartphones to their lists of acceptable forms of transactions. This has lead to a number of partnerships in that area, in order to make it possible for cabbies to take advantage of this new law.

Among them, some of the most notable new mobile payments partnerships in D.C. were airsMobile and USA Cabs. They created the TaxiRadar app, which allows the customer to hail a cab and, through the use of a smart meter (which complies with the latest taxi commission regulations in the district), can complete the transaction and pay for their fare at the end of the ride, as well.