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Television, radio, online, and mobile ad spending is highest in the US

In terms of the per capita spend on smartphone advertising, the United States is at the top of the list.

According to the results of a data analysis that were published in a Strategy Analytics report, the per capita multichannel, including mobile ad spend in the United States is greater than anywhere else in the world, and it is continuing to grow at an extremely rapid pace.

The report summary showed that the estimated total ad spend for in the U.S. totaled $181 billion, last year.

What that figure means is that when it comes to advertising spending (which includes mobile ad spending), the United States makes up one third of the entire global advertising market, said the report. Looking into this data further, it was revealed that in 2014, the amount spent on the average person was an estimated $567. This figure was found in the Global Advertising Market Forecast Outlook, which is the most recent report from Strategy Analytics.

In second place for advertising, including mobile ad spending, was Australia, which spent an average of $486 per person.

Mobile Ad SpendingNorway held the third place, where the per-capta television, online, and mobile marketing price tag was $472. Analyst from Strategy Analytics, Leika Kawasaki, explained that “To put this in perspective advertising spend per capita in the United States is 121 times larger than India and 16 times larger than China.” That statement provides a powerful illustration of the difference in the amount being spent on mobile advertising in the U.S. when compared to countries in which the population and the number of smartphone owners is considerably greater.

Kawasaki went on to explain that “China which has the second largest advertising market globally has the second lowest average spend per capita at $35 per person.” The difference is primarily that the United States still pays a tremendous amount for television advertising, more than any other country.

That said, as digital – particularly online and mobile ad strategies – become increasingly important, the gap is starting to close between the per-spending in the United States and other countries around the world. This is only one more way in which the ubiquitous nature of smartphones is revolutionizing the digital world.

Mobile marketing techniques are targeting women shoppers

Marketers are honing their strategies in order to time their ads to appeal to females with smartphones.

In the United States, approximately 85 percent of all shopping decisions are made by women, according to a tremendous amount of recent research, and this is making them a highly desired target for many mobile marketing campaigns.

According to many marketers, the key is to attract and influence them while they are in retail stores.

An in-store marketing provider called Swirl has released its own recommendations regarding the way in which retailers can become more appealing to female consumers as they shop, and how they can influence what they buy. One of the reasons that the strategy is seen as highly important in-store as opposed to before they even head out is that women like to be able to see and touch the products that they are thinking about buying, and they like the social experience of heading out to purchase products while they are with their friends and family.

Though this is not entirely new, the difference is that they have their smartphones with them and can be reached with mobile marketing.

mobile marketing for women shoppersThis has made smartphones an extremely important device when it comes to making decisions about what to buy. Retailers are now starting to see this opportunity to communicate and interact with female shoppers to help to encourage them to buy their products through various forms of encouragement.

A study conducted involving 1,000 women shoppers determined that 76 percent had a preference for shopping for clothing and apparel while in-store – as opposed to buying online – and that only 22 percent favored buying this type of product online, and only 2 percent preferred to shop over smartphones or tablets.

That said, what mobile marketing experts have realized is that while women may not be making their actual purchase over smartphones and tablets, they are using those devices to inform themselves about what they are thinking about buying, as well as to find better prices and savings opportunities such as discount coupons. A survey recently commissioned by Google showed that more than 66 percent of smartphone owners use their devices to assist them with shopping while they are in a brick and mortar store.