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Wearable technology will start to take off in the U.K. by 2017

A recent survey has shown that while Brits aren’t on board yet with wearables, the time is coming.

There are few who would disagree that wearable technology is now on its way, as its popularity is starting to rise and a growing number of people are becoming interested in what these gadgets could have to offer them in the future.

As the products improve their features as well as their appearance, wearables have been able to boost their appeal.

Wearable technology came into the marketplace all in a big wave, but while the first impression of these devices may not have been the best one, they are starting to sway consumers with improvements to their tech and as they grow more stylish. As designers of these gadgets gain a better understanding of what consumers actually want, how to make the devices practical, and what people are willing to actually wear, tech has been improving in a way that is starting to convince people to actually buy.

While consumers aren’t quite ready to make wearable technology mainstream, that time is close.

Wearable Technology to take off in the UKNew research commissioned by Currys PC World has revealed that among Britain’s 18 to 65 year olds, there will be 17 million people using wearables by 2017. That company has revealed that its increases in sales in that category have shot up by 710 percent when compared to the same time last year. Clearly, they are not simply drawing their predictions out of the air.

The growth was greatly credited to the release of Android Wear, and it is expected that when the Apple Watch actually launches within the next couple of months, it will spike even further. That said, keeping on top of the trends and grabbing up the top brand names are not the only drivers behind the willingness of consumers to make a purchase. The fact that these gadgets are increasingly useful and practical is becoming very convincing.

The Currys PC World report was based on a survey of 1068 people. Among them 39 percent said that their top reason for being interested in wearable technology was for health and fitness improvements. Primarily, they wanted to track calories (39 percent), track daily activity levels (36 percent), and monitor heart rate (35 percent). All of these tracking capabilities are available in even some of the most inexpensive wearables that are currently available.

Wearable technology marketing deal made by Samsung in UK

The electronics company has now started its first deal for pushing wearables through the English rugby team.

Samsung has now taken its first step into English rugby as the beginning of a three year deal that it has established with the national team, with the purpose of boosting its presence within the wearable technology environment.

This will make Samsung the first official wearables and overall home tech partner to the Rugby Football Union (RBU).

Samsung will be working with the RBU team in order to boost wearable technology awareness not only among consumers but also on a B2B level throughout the approach to the World Cup next year. This is an entirely new strategy of sponsorship for the business, which has been wrapped up in UK football through its various deals with Leyton Orient, Chelsea FC, and Swindon Town.

Samsung believes that this wearable technology sponsorship strategy will be a very powerful one.

Wearable Technology - DealThe company feels that the popularity of the World Cup in the host country, as well as in the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Australia – other countries where it sponsors the national teams – has been turning rugby into a “big deal” for the company’s global targets. The majority of the consumer facing activity that is occurring within the United Kingdom, through the deal, will be internet based, and will likely primarily be through the 2,000 affiliated RFU grassroots clubs.

Samsung is going to provide those clubs with access to training facilities, changing rooms, and coaching packages that have been technologically enhanced in order to better illustrate the value of wearables and its other electronics in the sports ecosystem. Furthermore, there are some videos designed to be funny and amusing that are also being prepared in order to further expand the awareness of the global tie-up in advance of a larger rallying call to the country as next September’s tournament nears.

A competition called the “Samsung Try of the Month” will also continue to run the length of the 2014/14 season as players and fans, alike, are encouraged to head online and upload their nominations. Every month, a different rugby personality in England will take part in this wearable technology and electronics campaign in order to select the winning club that will receive a clubhouse facilities upgrade worth £1,000 in Samsung products.