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Technology news made by Apple with Japanese iWatch trademark

This is being seen as the most compelling evidence that the device manufacturer is creating a smartwatch.

According to the latest technology news, Apple is currently actively pursuing the iWatch trademark ownership in Japan, and it has been doing so – says Bloomberg – since the beginning of June 2013.

The effort is to try to obtain protection of the name, which is being listed as a watch or handheld computer.

The California based computer and mobile device giant has filed for the iWatch trademark protection in Japan within a category that also includes both watches and handheld computers. The filing was initially made on June 3, and it was just recently made public by the Japan Patent Office. Attempts to reach an Apple spokesperson in Tokyo, Takashi Takebayashi, for a comment on the subject had not received any response at the time of the writing of this article.

That said, technology news reports are swamping the internet with claims that a touchscreen smartwatch is on its way.

Technology News - Apple iWatchClaims from technology news sites and individuals who have access to this type of information are both reporting that Apple is coming ever closer to the mass production of a touchscreen smartwatch, which followers have been calling the iWatch for some time.

A month and a half ago, it was reported that Apple had been placing a considerable focus on being able to read an OLED screen that was only 1.5 inches. There have also been reports that there have been several assignments of the top engineers in the company assigned to building the best possible version of a smartwatch device.

According to a research report that was reported on by Bloomberg and that had been issued by a Raymond James & Associates Inc. analyst, Raymond James, “We can expect a full TV at Apple in the future, maybe a watch, and who knows what other future devices.” James went on to say that “New connected devices, whether they are TVs, cars or other devices are likely to be first adopted by high income consumers, over whom Apple dominates globally.”

Technology news has been inundated with various types of wearable mobile products but Apple always proves a leader in the headlines.

Technology news made with Apple retail store sales

According to the results of a recent report, the locations are generating an average of $58 per visitor.

A new technology news report has just been released, showing that the retail stores from Apple are currently generating record level revenues as an average per visitor to its physical locations.

This report was produced by Horace Dediu, an analyst from Asymco, based on research and analysis.

The report indicated that the average sales per visitor to the retail store was $58, which is making technology news because it is notably higher than the mobile manufacturer has achieved in its history. The report went on to compare the results from that store to other high end well known shops.

This technology news went so far as to show that per square foot, Apple’s retail shop was beating top sellers.

For example, Dediu pointed out in his technology news report that “In the US, on a sales per square foot basis, Apple retail continues to perform twice as well as Tiffany & Co., the second best retailer, and three times as well as lululemon atApple Technology Newshletica, the third best retailer.”

This data from the United States makes Apple the most lucrative square footage for any global retailer in the market worldwide. Even the next closest retailer has been achieving only half as much value in sales as the average visitor to this company’s retail stores.

The data represented the results for the latest quarter. They show a growth of 7 percent over the performance from previous quarters. To be precise, each visitor spent an average of $57.60, according to the technology news data released by Dediu.

He published a complete technology news analysis online that also showed that the average Apple retail store revenue was now reaching $13 million per quarter. According to Dediu, this is the highest level that has ever been achieved during a non-retail quarter for the company. He also pointed out that each of the retail stores saw an average of 250,000 visitors per store, per quarter, and that this was a relatively steady figure. However, when compared to the same quarter in 2010, it is vastly higher, as it had only been 170,000 at that time.