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Study shows that tablet computers are causing insomnia

Though it has long been believed that light interrupts sleep, this research focused specifically on mobile device screens.

Scientists and doctors have known for many years that exposure to light can interrupt a person’s natural sleep patterns and make it harder to obtain the rest we need, but recently the light from tablet computers was put to the test by a team of researchers from the University of Bergen.

What they found was that people who use tablets and other mobile devices causes harm even when used in the dark.

The researchers looked into the impact of using tablet computers at bedtime when compared to reading a traditional print book. What the scientists discovered was that after reading a tablet screen for only 30 minutes while in bed, a negative impact on sleep can occur. The results of this study were published within the Sleep Medicine journal. The intention of the research was to determine whether the backlighting of the screens of mobile devices actually had a meaningful impact on the quality of sleep a user would receive.

The researchers compared the use of tablet computers with the results from people reading print books.

Tablet Computers Study - InsomniaThe study involved the participation of 16 students with an average age of 25.1 years. The research participants were permitted to sleep in their own homes and beds in order to ensure that the results were not compromised by an alteration in the participant’s sleep environment. The researchers then used a polysomnography tool in order to be able to detect sleep disorders in any of the participants. Before the study, none of the participants suffered from sleep struggles.

When the participants read from print books, the problem with sleep struggles was deemed nonexistent among the participants who already did not have problems with insomnia.

On the other hand, the tablet computers appeared to have an effect on the level of sleepiness of the users. It is suspected that the light emitted from the device screen may have played a role in this impact. That said, it’s important to note that while it may have taken more time for tablet users to doze off, the duration of sleep was the same regardless of the use of a digital screen or a print book.

Tablet commerce is undergoing explosive growth

Tablet Commerce GrowthThese mobile devices are giving PCs a run for their money in terms of the increase in their use.

The latest tablet commerce projections have just been released by Gartner, which have revealed that the smaller handheld devices are exploding in popularity and that they may overtake laptops and desktops.

The trend has indicated that the current growth in sales is not showing any indication of slowing for several years.

At the same time, while tablet commerce is expected to grow very rapidly and continue to do so for at least several years, it is unlikely that they will become the device of choice for taking on tasks requiring greater productivity. This would require them to be equipped with peripherals and monitors, to the point that they would more closely resemble desktops and laptops than their actual tablet form.

The Gartner report is crediting the lower priced devices with the rapid growth of tablet commerce.

With the falling prices and the fact that they are relatively new to the market, they are expected to overtake PCs – which are already well established and are typically being replaced as opposed to being purchased for the first time – within the next five years.

Experts in the industry are cautioning people not to misinterpret these predictions. While it does look as though tablets and smartphones could start shipping at a rate of 2.4 billion units worldwide this year – an increase of 9 percent over last year – it doesn’t mean that the laptop has seen its day. These devices are all being used for their own unique purposes, and their affordability means that the increasingly tech savvy consumer is purchasing multiple devices as opposed to selecting one over all of the others.

This does, however, represent a meaningful shift in the way that people can shop. It means that they will have a multitude of different devices available to them when they decide to research or even purchase a product or service. For this reason, the rapid growth of tablet commerce will likely becoming increasingly important to retailers and other merchants who wish to maintain their competitive edge by providing consumers the experience that they are seeking and expecting.