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Tablet commerce is taking off with consumers

Shoppers are making it clear that when it comes to shopping and buying, larger screens are king.

The latest development that has been becoming increasingly clear when it comes to mobile marketing news is that it is actually tablet commerce that is taking the hearts of shoppers, more than that occurring over smartphones.Tablet Commerce and Consumers

Last year saw a doubling of overall mobile sales, bringing them to a striking $60 billion.

A report has just been issued by Javelin Strategy & Research, called “Mobile Payments Market: Tablet Shopping Surges as Mobile Retail Sales Top $60 Billion.” Within it, the trend toward tablet commerce was underscored, as it was evident that consumers appreciate the larger screen device for their shopping experience.

This trend toward tablet commerce shopping could be important insight for retailers.

The report reveals findings through surveys of 3,492 consumers that were conducted in June 2012, as well as the survey of an another 3,285 people last year in July. Yet another 3,509 people were also surveyed in November 2013 in order to generate the data seen in this research.

Executive vice president and research director of mobile at Javelin Research, Mary Monahan, explained that the mobile payments market has been surveyed by her company for about six years now, but that it has only been for the last two years that they have compiled historical trend data. The reason is that the survey in 2012, the questions on the survey were changed, making it so that the results from previous years could not be compared other than to an anecdotal level.

The survey results from 2013 showed a solid distinction in which retailers can find important insight, said Monahan. She pointed out that consumers are choosing tablet commerce to an increasing degree when they are shopping online on mobile devices. She stated that “Tablets played a dominant role in mobile shopping this year, accounting for approximately one-half of all mobile sales.”

Last year, tablets brought in $28.7 billion in mcommerce, which is five times the total of $5.1 billion that had been brought in the year before. Considering the level of penetration that smartphones have when compared to that of their larger screen counterparts, this figure is very interesting and shows that consumers find that tablet commerce offers something above and beyond what their cell phones are providing.

Tablet commerce is a vital part of retail online shopping

When it comes to making sure that shoppers will continue buying from the website, it must be properly optimized.

The latest data is now indicating that tablet commerce is skyrocketing in importance, as the ownership of these devices has blasted off by 282 percent over the last two years, and a growing number of those gadget owners are shopping over these smaller screens.

Retailers are being advised to make sure that their online experience caters to the devices preferred by their customers.

Shoppers are using tablet commerce both for making purchases as well as for researching products that they will later buy over their laptops and desktops, or in person at a brick and mortar shop. Although when it comes to mobile devices, smartphones have the greatest penetration, by far, the penetration of tablets is rapidly growing, and many reports are indicating that they are providing a far more appealing shopping experience for the consumer.

These consumers are responding positively to tablet commerce and are making more expensive orders over these devices.

Tablet CommerceThis rise of tablet commerce is giving retailers the opportunity to provide a much stronger mobile experience to their shoppers, as the slightly larger screens make it easier to navigate sites and view images of products. It is also easier for descriptions to be read.

The increase in tablet commerce is also vital to retailers seeking to remain competitive as it is rocketing forward at the same time that desktop commerce has been slowly, but steadily, declining. Consumers are responding very strongly to the ability to conveniently and instantly view goods and services that they are considering for purchase. Owners of these devices have a greater likelihood to shop online than many other types of device owners.

Recent data has indicated that 33 percent – that is, one in every three – device owners use their gadget for tablet commerce purchases. Moreover, Adobe has recently released a statistic that has suggested that the user of a tablet is likely to spend twice as much while shopping online than one who is using a smartphone. Clearly, this makes the larger screen consumer a highly valuable one.