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Alibaba and Foxconn show interest in Indian mobile commerce giant

Snapdeal is in advanced investment discussions with Alibaba and Foxconn

India’s Snapdeal continues to attract strong interest from other companies involved in the mobile commerce space. This week, Snapdeal announced the acquisition of a mobile app developer, which is expected to further solidify the company’s mobile commerce dominance. Now, China’s Alibaba and Taiwanese handset manufacturer Foxconn have entered into advanced discussions regarding purchasing a 10% stake in Snapdeal. This is not the first time that Alibaba has shown investment interest in Snapdeal.

Alibaba has shown an intense interest in India’s mobile commerce space

As one of China’s largest e-commerce entities, Alibaba has been very aware of the growing prevalence of mobile commerce. In China, smartphone penetration has been growing quickly, and many people are becoming more interested in the concepts surrounding mobile shopping. Snapdeal has become the largest player in India’s mobile commerce market, which has made the company a very attractive topic for Alibaba and others. Alibaba has already invested in India’s mobile commerce space, purchasing a 25% stake in Paytm earlier this year.

India has become one of the most attractive and fastest growing mobile markets in the world

Mobile Commerce Interest in IndiaMobile commerce is growing very quickly in India, making the country one of the most attractive mobile markets in the world. Investments from foreign companies are adding fuel to the growth in this sector and companies like Snapdeal could have a lot to gain from such investment interest. Investment discussions do not always work out, however, and initial negotiations between Snapdeal and Alibaba failed due to differences in valuation of Snapdeal’s stock. Alibaba has, however, returned to discussions with some enthusiasm.

Investments will help Snapdeal thrive and provide better services in the mobile commerce space

Snapdeal has raised approximately $1 billion in funding through investments, with Japan’s Softbank being a primary investor in the company. This funding has been instrumental in Snapdeal’s plans to become a mobile commerce powerhouse. The more funding that the company can raise, the better services it will be able to provide to consumers and businesses alike.

SoftBank invests in South Korean mobile commerce firm

SoftBank to invest $1 billion in Coupang

Japanese mobile operator SoftBank has announced that it intends to invest $1 billion into South Korea’s largest mobile commerce firm, Coupang. This would represent the largest Internet investment that has been made in South Korea’s history and will provide Coupang with the financial support it needs to compete with other mobile commerce organizations. SoftBank has not disclosed the size of the interest it will acquire in Coupang and the South Korean company will continue to operate of its own accord.

Company seeks to expand beyond the borders of Japan

In 2013, SoftBank successfully acquired Sprint, which may have been the company’s first step toward expanding beyond Japan. The latest investment may be another step toward this endeavor, with SoftBank beginning to show significant interests in mobile markets in other parts of the world. SoftBank has also increased its stake in Supercell, a Finnish company that develops mobile games. Mobile commerce may be part of why SoftBank is beginning to expand, as this sector represents a significant degree of financial promise.

Mobile commerce could be a promising opportunity for some companies

Softbank - Mobile Commerce DealMobile commerce has grown quickly throughout the world, with this growth being powered by the increasing number of mobile consumers. As more people gain access to smartphones and tablets, they are beginning to shop with these devices, opting to use their devices to purchase products that they are interested in. Companies like SoftBank could have a lot to gain by engaging in the mobile commerce space, but it will have to compete with other companies that want to establish a dominant position in this market.

Coupang will be able to compete more aggressively in the mobile commerce sector thanks to investments

Coupang will continue to play a role in South Korea’s thriving mobile commerce market. The company has already established itself as a leader in this market, but it will have to continue offering favorable services to consumers in order to maintain this position. In the coming years, South Korea, as well as Japan, may become the most prominent mobile commerce markets in the world.