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Social media marketing enhances the old with the new

The advertising and promotion technique is breathing new life into the traditional antique business.

According to the latest trend reports, even businesses that are centered around the preservation of the past – that is, through the sale of antiques – are benefiting from what social media marketing has to offer.

Antique galleries and shops are now using Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and so on.

This comparatively recent trend of social media marketing is providing a new vitality to a trade that has not changed in a very long time. Many antique dealers are using several different networks in order to better promote their collections and to be able to appeal to a whole new and younger demographic.

This social media marketing trend is becoming much more evident at antique fairs and other events.

Social Media Marketing - Antique BusinessFor instance when perusing the various booths at the Chicago Antique Fair, this year, it became very evident that many of the participants were looking to social media marketing to be able to hold on to the connections that were made at the event. One prime example was the Chicago based Leslie Hindman Auctioneers, which calls itself the largest auction house in the Midwest, and that is the fifth biggest of its kind in the United States. They have been using Twitter since 2010 and Facebook since 2008, and have now recently added their own Pinterest page.

According to the auction house’s business developer, Laurann Cavenaghi, the main goal of advertising and promoting is to solidify consignments that are high in quality. She pointed out that social media marketing is one of a number of highly effective ways of accomplishing that goal. She stated that “We share our catalogues, promote events, and market our upcoming auctions on Facebook and Twitter.” Cavenaghi went on to add that “It also allow us to reach younger audiences that are becoming increasingly interested in the art and antique markets.”

Social media marketing isn’t limited to larger auction houses and dealers, though. It was clear that even smaller antique dealers are benefitting from this technique. New York’s Rehs Galleries is now run by Lance Rehs, the fourth generation in his family to do so. He also identified interacting with people over social networks as an important element of his daily work.

Mobile marketing earnings at Facebook look good

Facebook Mobile MarketingThe social network reported very strong revenues through their smartphone ads for Q1 2013.

Facebook reported, this week, that its mobile marketing generated powerful earnings through its smartphone ads throughout the first quarter of this year, producing a meaningful revenue for the company that has been seeing its ups and downs since it went public.

In fact, the social network giant posted its net income as $219 million for the first quarter.

That represents an increase of approximately 6 percent over the year before, as the first quarter in 2012 saw a net income of $205 million. The earnings that were reported excluding items from Facebook were $312 million. This is the equivalent to 12 cents per share.

That figure is considerably higher than the mobile marketing results that were seen in 2012.

Last year, including the mobile marketing at Facebook, the company reported a net income of $287 million. According to Thomson Reuters, this year’s achievements were off by a penny from the estimates that were made by Wall Street.

The latest CNBC report stated that the quarter the year earlier had reported mobile marketing revenue of $1.06 billion, and that this figure increased by 38 percent in this year’s quarter, when it reached $1.46 billion. That was able to beat the forecasts that had been made for the quarter, which had typically been for $1.44 billion.

It was Facebook’s complete advertising revenue, not just the mobile marketing earnings, which drew the most attention during the company’s announcement. They saw a 43 percent increase over the total that they had experienced at the same time the year before.

Mobile marketing revenue was estimated to have represented about 30 percent of the total advertising income that was earned by the social network within the quarter. Facebook has been investing exceptionally heavily in the smartphone and tablet channels in order to boost its earnings. This has become an especially large focus since it first went public. Now, investors are beginning to see the initial and ongoing results of these efforts and this broader focus for the advertising earning strategies that have been put into place and that continue to be developed.