The strength of the market is becoming clearer for the first time since the company’s IPO.

Though Facebook received a lot of flack from the tech IPO market for damaging both it and social media marketing, this year, it is looking as though that same company may be responsible for breathing new life into the industry.

There are some stock watchers that are indicating that the fortune Facebook Social Media Marketingreversal of Facebook was beneficial.

A growing number are starting to see that the slump that was experienced by Facebook may have rejuvenated tech and revolutionized social media marketing. Many are starting to believe that if the company had simply waited until this year to go public, it would have had a much better outcome.

It looks as though the social media marketing and tech struggles are sliding into the past.

Facebook is now performing quite well and the strength in the tech market is helping to support any form of high profile technology stock. This strength is bringing a new world of opportunity to social media marketing, as well. According to a market researcher company founder, John Fitzgibbon, from IPOScoop, “What happened last year is ancient history,” and that “Facebook was a spectacular pop and flop. Market conditions were bad then.”

The company persisted and Facebook’s leaps forward in social media marketing allowed it to achieve a much healthier financial level that has only been supported by the improvements in the tech sector, said Fitzgibbon. He stated that “This market is stronger than people realize, with some promising IPOs,” and that “Apple’s stock drop is masking the true strength of (the tech-heavy) Nasdaq composite.”

With the successes now being maintained in social media marketing and stock growth, there have been some suggestions that there could be some other strong IPOs within the next year, from among consumer tech players, such as Dropbox, Box, Square, and Twitter. There were two business software companies – Marketo and Tableau Software – that went public on Friday, following this trend. It is believed that they will see better chances than Facebook did, when it went public in last year’s environment.