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Social media marketing practices may be increasing identity theft risks

This type of advertising and promoting is growing in popularity, but it does come with drawbacks.

Businesses have been working hard to get the very most out of social media marketing in the hopes of being able to connect with customers and prospective clients without having to spend a large part of their overall advertising budget.

However, while this channel has opened up a world of opportunities, it is also coming with risks.

Among the risks that are now being associated with the use of social media marketing are data breaches and identity theft. For this reason, it is very important that businesses of all sizes pay attention to the way in which they are using the various networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and others, and recognize what they could be inadvertently sharing if the wrong person were to make his or her way in.

Many of the largest social media marketing sites have already experienced events involving data breaches.

social media marketing -identity theft riskAmong the online and mobile security risks that are being associated with the use of social media for advertising and promoting purposes is the dreaded data breach. However, intellectual property theft is also becoming problematic and many companies overlook this particular threat. It is a good idea for businesses who are using this channel within their marketing strategy to identify the types of risks that they face so that proper preparations can be made.

In a recent story published by Merchants Information Solutions vice president, Mark Pribish, there were five risks that were underscored as being the most important to businesses using social media. These could be deliberate or entirely unintentional and included: making misleading or false claims, infringing on copyrights or trademarks, using intellectual property without permission, posting confidential information or trade secrets, or sharing customer or employee information in a way that could provide a cyber criminal the data they need for a data breach.

While most would agree that the threat of online and mobile security events is not enough to justify stopping the use of social media marketing, the consensus is that proper preparations can make all the difference in keeping data secure and avoiding legal struggles.

Social media marketing is succeeding through Pinterest

Though this network may not find itself in a lot of headlines, it is a more powerful platform than they give it credit for.

While Facebook and Twitter often receive a great deal of attention when it comes to social media marketing, as does YouTube, Pinterest rarely even receives a notable mention in these same conversations, despite the fact that it has started to define itself as quite a powerful platform, especially when it comes to mobile marketing campaigns.

The social sharing platform that uses a pinboard style is highly popular and yet not nearly as widely studied.

That said, Pinterest is now reportedly intending to boost their overall advertising offerings in 2015. This will be especially focused on expanding the impact that it has among mobile marketing firms, as smartphone and tablet using consumers already appreciate the format of this platform. It will be interesting to see if this will finally put the spotlight onto this network when it appears to have been flying under the technology radar for such a long time.

Pinterest is looking to be able to boost its revenue by broadening its social media marketing offerings.

Social Media Marketing - PinterestThe social network is gearing up to boost the mobile advertising revenue that it brings in by expanding its Promoted Pins service in a “responsible” way. It has been reported by NativeMobile that the company is hoping to see a growth of 300 percent in its Promoted Pins by the end of next year.

The platform has taken a unique stance when it comes to social media marketing in that it focuses primarily on the user experience. It feels that it understands that there is a line between being useful and effective in terms of marketing, and going too far and simply irritating users with ever present ads.

Though they know that there is a chance that there could be a reduction in the potential profits by creating a limit to the expansion of the advertising component of the platform, they are willing to take this risk as they prefer to ensure that their users will continue to enjoy their experience on the site and the app instead of simply giving in to every advertiser that is willing to pay for premium pin placement on the streams of targeted users.

As of yet, the Promoted Pins social media marketing program at Pinterest has been reported as a powerful success, and there has been every indication that advertisers are looking to be able to use it even more.