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Can Wearable Technology Affect Mobile Commerce?

One of the most attractive aspects of mobile commerce is its convenience. Smartphones and tablets let people make payments for goods and services wherever they happen to be at any given moment, and these people don’t even have to use a credit card or any kind of physical currency. Many mobile commerce platforms have been able to thrive because of their convenient nature. In the advent of wearable technology, that convenience could be taken to a new level.

Wearable devices, such as smart watches and glasses are on the verge of becoming quite popular with tech-savvy consumers. Few of these devices are currently available, but that is likely to change in the next few years. Current wearable devices are somewhat lackluster in their features, but devices being released in the near future will behave very similar to modern smartphones. They will be able to use a wide range of applications, some of which will change the way people see the physical world around them. They will also have access to mobile commerce platforms.

smartwatch wearable technologyUnlike smartphones, wearable devices will be controlled in a more intuitive way. For smart glasses, voice controls and modest head and eye movements will be used to activate the features of a device. These devices will also be equipped with image recognition technology that could also be used to activate certain features. This could make commerce significantly more intuitive and responsive to consumer interaction. When someone can look at a product and make a purchase with nothing more than a blink of an eye, that is the epitome of convenience in the mobile commerce space.

Wearable devices aren’t perfect, of course. Using a simple gesture to make a purchase could lead to many problems, such as unauthorized transactions. This is not something that app developers are unaware of, and many are taking steps to ensure that their mobile commerce platforms will not be abusive in this way.

Smartwatch from LG to become available in July

This wearable technology will be based on Android Wear and will be released in the U.K. for no more than £180.

The electronics manufacturer from South Korea, LG, has announced that it will be launching its Android Wear LG G smartwatch in the United Kingdom in July for a price of £180 or less.

This will be the first wearable technology produced by the company that will run on Android’s platform.

This announcement was recently made in Weybridge at the U.K. showcase for the company. It is the very first time that a smartwatch has been seen running on the new shrunken version of Android that is made specifically for wearable technology devices. This suggests that Google’s own wearables pricing might be structured to beat those of companies such as Samsung and their Gear devices.

The smartwatch revealed by LG was a nonfunctioning demonstration unit and was considered attractive by many.

The mock-up device had a watch face that was rectangular in shape. It has a plastic strap and doesn’t have any buttons. This is very similar to the previous mock-ups that have been presented to represent the future device. That said it is also strikingly different from the Motorola wearables that will also be based on Android Wear and that were announced earlier this year with a round face.Smartwatch - LG wearables to be released in July

Google is currently working with a number of different fashion brands and electronics manufacturers so that they will be able to release a series of different smartwatches that will be based on the Android Wear platform and that will come available later on this year. Equally, it looks as though watches are only the start of the company’s entry into wearables, as this is only the first form of the Android Wear system. It could also be extended to other forms of devices, as well.

This upcoming smartwatch will provide wearers with notifications of messages and posts on their social media apps and will allow them to send messages to friends and receive updates regarding local weather. It will also be able to receive some voice commands that will be especially helpful in conducting local searches.