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Mozido acquires major stake in promising mobile commerce firm

Mozido now holds majority stake in CorFire

Mozido, a mobile commerce firm that has been gaining more fame in recent months, has taken up a significant stake in CorFire, another mobile commerce firm that specializes in point-of-sale systems. The agreement between the two companies will change Mozido’s name to Mozido CorFire Inc. Financial details of the deal have not yet been released to the public, but some speculation suggests that Mozido has invested hundreds of millions of dollars into CorFire.

CorFire had been owned by SK C&C, which now has a minority stake in the mobile payments firm

CorFire had originally been wholly owned by SK C&C, the IT service division of SK Group. The company had existed as one of South Korea’s major investments in to the mobile technology space of the United States. SK C&C will continue to hold a minority stake in CorFire, though Mozido will hold a greater sway over the company’s operations and its potential future.

Mobile commerce continues to flourish in many prominent markets throughout the world

Mobile Commere - AcquisitionMobile commerce has become quite popular throughout the world. Many consumers are using their smartphones and tablets to purchase products online, but there is still relatively little support for in-store mobile payments. As consumers become more mobile-centric, the demand for in-store payment systems that accept mobile transactions is growing rapidly. Companies like CorFire aim to accommodate this demand by providing retailers with the technology they need to engage mobile consumers. Mozido is well situated to assist in this endeavor.

Mozido helps retailers embrace the mobile space with its agnostic technology and services

One of Mozido’s major victories in the past is convincing traditional retailers to begin implementing mobile commerce services. The company has helped the retail industry become more mobile friendly, and it has managed to avoid some of the challenges associated with competition by being agnostic regarding payment platforms. Mozido supports mobile payments made from any platform, allowing its clients to embrace their favored payment method without having to worry about whether or not it is supported by the company’s technology.

SK Planet aims to bring about a mobile commerce revolution

SK Planet launches new mobile oriented service

SK Planet, the e-commerce arm of the SK Group, has announced plans to change the dynamics of the mobile commerce market. The company has launched a new “smart shopping” service called Syrup that is designed to leverage SK Planet’s big data to provide specialized services to mobile consumers. The service is meant to integrate the company’s existing services in order to make itself as widely available as possible and achieve its goals of become a powerful new mobile commerce platform.

Syrup to make use of SK Planet’s three leading services for consumers

Syrup is meant to integrate SK Platent’s OK Cashbang service, a cash reward and discount network; Gifticon, a couponing service; and Smart Wallet, the company’s mobile wallet platform. By combining these  services, SK Planet believes that Syrup will have a broader appeal and be more useful to mobile consumers in South Korea. The service is designed to be customized by those using it, however, which means that people will ultimately decide how Syrup works for them and whether or not they want to use the service’s auxiliary features.

Virtual zones will help consumers find stores and products that they may be interested in

Mobile Commerce - Mobile ShoppingOne of the defining features of Syrup will be its used of defined virtual zones. There are more than 200 of these zones set up in business districts throughout South Korea. When a person enters these zones, they can receive shopping information on their smartphones and tablets. This is meant to help people find stores that offer products and deals that they are interested in as well as stores that have mobile-centric services.

Mobile commerce continues to see impressive growth throughout Asia

Mobile commerce is growing rapidly throughout Asia. More consumers are using their smartphones and tablets to shop online than ever before. These consumers enjoy the convenience of their mobile shopping experiences and are becoming more willing to spend money through their mobile devices than engage in traditional forms of commerce. SK Planet is keen to take advantage of this trend and establish itself as a leading force in the emerging mobile commerce field