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M-commerce could receive boost through new device

m-commerce second screen devicePrototypes for second screen gadgets may increase shopping from television viewers.

Akamai Technologies has just unveiled the prototype for a new device that it is creating for the specific purpose of boosting m-commerce through its use in conjunction with a television that is being watched.

This device provides the viewer with content complementary to what is seen on TV, but on a smartphone or tablet.

In order to use this device, a mobile device would need to be synched with the television. This could be accomplished in a number of ways. In the Akamai m-commerce demonstration, the company used a QR code scan to accomplish that task. From that point, every program that was displayed on the television had content ID as well as a timestamp. This provided viewers with the opportunity to use their mobile devices to see content that was complementary to what they were watching, at the exact same time that it was occurring on the screen.

The result is a near real time m-commerce opportunity that would provide users with more relevant content.

According to the Akamai Technologies chief strategist of connected devices and gaming, Kris Alexander, “It’s something that can be synced in near-real time.” He added that “By the time somebody looks down from the primary screen it seems like the second screen is in real time.”

The demonstration of the prototype used preloaded content including a television show, a movie, and a basketball game. One of the examples that occurred during the movie was the display on a tablet of the model, price and link to purchase a pair of sunglasses over m-commerce that were similar to those being worn by an actor on the television screen. Another example occurred during the basketball game, when information about players who had just scored was displayed on the tablet, in addition to an option to purchase tickets to a future game.

Alexander explained that this second screen method of m-commerce is much less disruptive to the viewer than adding the content to the television screen, itself. He also pointed out that in theory, the content could be customized to each viewer, at some time down the road. For instance, if he or she logged in to a social media account, then the results displayed could be based on data about him or her gleaned from recent status updates and “likes”.

Mcommerce is on the cusp of explosive growth

Growth of McommerceThere are many drivers that are sending this channel right to the brink of its fastest increase yet.

The mcommerce world is sitting right at the very edge of the fastest growth that it has ever experienced, and there are a number of reasons that this already rapid increase is about to take off like never before.

A recent report has identified some of the drivers that are sending the mobile figures skywards.

One of the most common leisure time activities among today’s consumer is to watch television while holding a smartphone or tablet device. This second screen makes it possible to investigate all manner of topics, ideas, and products that appear on the television before the consumer. The mcommerce industry is not oblivious to this trend and is working very hard to create smartphone and tablet friendly sites and apps that will relate to what is being seen on the televisions so that it becomes possible to capitalize on this activity.

This mcommerce trend is known as the “second screen”, where two devices are used for watching television.

This occurs when the viewer is watching television but uses the smaller device in order to provide support information. A new BI Intelligence report is now showing that second screen, as well as a number of other drivers, are sending mcommerce rapidly skyward at what will soon be an explosive rate. Among the other drivers that were named include smartphone optimized websites and social networks.

Companies are beginning to use their carefully devised tools to help to monitor how second screen audiences are using their smartphones and tablets in order to enhance their television watching experience. The goal is to use this opportunity to improve the mcommerce offerings in a way that they will be seen as more useful and that they will help to encourage greater conversion rates and sales.

The report also named additional reasons that illustrate why second screen based mcommerce will certainly succeed. These include: rapid usage growth, widespread acceptance and adoption, well established activity, and the ease of creating bridges through sites and apps designed specifically for this experience.