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Restaurant goers engage in surprising smartphone trends

One in four mobile consumers has at least one mobile app specific to restaurants on their smartphone.

This statistic was discovered by a recent study published by RetailMeNot, Inc., which commissioned Google Consumer Surveys to poll more than 1,000 American consumers on their dining and food habits, including smartphone usage for searches and activities related to restaurants. What the study found was that there were several interesting consumer smartphone trends related to food and dining, such as among the participants surveyed who said that they dine out eight to ten times per week, over two-thirds of these respondents use a restaurant-specific mobile app.

Consumers between the ages of 25 and 34 engage in the most restaurant research on their mobile devices.

The main reasons why restaurant goers use their smartphones is to locate restaurants (53%), browse a menu (49%) and research new restaurants (37%). According to the study, smartphone users in the 25 to 34 age range (millennials) were the most likely to research new restaurants on their mobile phone compared to any other age group (60%).

Mobile marketing is an important part of restaurant-related consumer smartphone trends.

Consumer Smartphone Trends  and RestaurantsIt was discovered that nine out of ten diners who participated in the survey said that they have searched for a restaurant deal at least once. Furthermore, those who earn the most money also tend to be the ones who use online or mobile restaurant deals the most. That being said, eight out of ten consumers who participated admitted that they would likely try a new restaurant if a deal was being offered.

Chief marketing officer in North America for RetailMeNot, Inc., Marissa Tarleton, explained that with the increasing number of consumers turning to their smartphones to assist them with their dining choices, it is becoming more important for restaurants to make the most of mobile advertising.

Mobile marketing technology is a powerful medium when it comes to serving up the right dining content, in the right location, at the right time,” Tarleton said. “When done well, mobile has the ability to drive more diners through their doors and keep them coming back for more.”

The bottom line is that while researching restaurant locations and new venues is among the bigger smartphone trends for American restaurant patrons, it seems that the majority of consumers actively use their mobile devices to take advantage of restaurant deals.

Mobile commerce in the Netherlands is predicted to rise 70 percent

This increase will occur within this year, alone, and will bring the spending to around €730 million.

According to the results of recent mobile commerce research that was conducted on behalf of ActiePagina.nl, part of the RetailMeNot marketplace, the Dutch will be spending an estimated 69.8 percent more, this year, over their smartphones and tablets than they did last year.

This increase in m-commerce shopping is an explosive one, even compared to the rate in other countries.

The report on this research showed that it is likely that by the end of 2014, people in the Netherlands will have spent approximately €730 million over mobile commerce and that this will bring the country up into the top five regions in Europe for spending over smartphones and tablet computers. The study, itself, was conducted by the Centre of Retail Research. It included an analysis of data within eight different European nations, as well as the United States.

This has made it clear that the mobile commerce channel is an extremely important one in the Netherlands.

Mobile Commerce Growth in the NetherlandsWhile ecommerce as a whole continues to grow in all of the countries that were examined within the study, it was mcommerce that stood out, particularly when it came to the Netherlands. The rate of growth of online shopping in the country was 8.6 percent when compared to the year before. However, the sales that occurred over smartphones rose by 55.2 percent and there was a full 100 percent increase in the sales that were occurring over tablets.

It is believed that among the Dutch, m-commerce will make up 12.2 percent of all online sales, this year. This insight should be exceptionally important to marketers and merchants that are selling within that marketplace, and should be a sign of things to come to those that are operating in other parts of the world. This channel is clearly not one that should be ignored.

Across all of Europe, mobile commerce sales should be increasing by 85 percent, this year, to bring them to €23.4 billion. In the Unites States, on the other hand, the projected growth is 65 percent, to reach €44.6 billion.