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QR codes may not be visually appealing but they work

QR Codes StudyThough people don’t typically like the way they look, they are still scanning them, study.

QR codes are being used on a rapidly increasing basis for mobile marketing purposes, and the results of a recently conducted study have shown that as much as people don’t find them attractive, they are still using them.

The results of this research are in direct contrast to many who doubt the effectiveness of the barcodes.

Among the various industries where there has been the highest use of QR codes by mobile marketers and yet the largest amount of controversy, is tourism. While some marketers are fully convinced that the barcodes are a cost effective marketing tool that is appealing to consumers and that produces results, others feel that they are simply a fad that is not worthy of being included in their advertising.

A recent trial program for QR codes was just implemented to help to judge their effectiveness.

In order to be able to judge the effectiveness of using QR codes, Ruidoso Tourism started to test them using two different methods. The first method was including them in print advertising in order to help to draw attention to the launch of the company’s new website. The barcodes were issued in various different publications, and depending on the publication in which they were printed, the themes of the ads themselves were different.

Some of the QR codes were linked to outdoor activities such as winter sports, trails, or attractions. For instance, the barcode that was published in Wild West magazine linked to the Lincoln County History page. Those print ads generated 1000 scans, which was well within the success bracket designated by the marketers.

The other barcodes were printed on restaurant menus. Their goal was to promote restaurants within specific areas. A page was created for a range of different restaurants at the destinations, and each one was assigned its own unique QR codes. When the barcodes were scanned, they led to reviews and images of the meals, as well as additional information about the restaurants such as their specific locations. At the high point of the marketing campaign, there were 35 restaurants included in the listings. Within the designated time period, those barcodes were scanned more than 1,500 times.

ScanLife study shows the effectiveness of QR codes


QR Codes Mobile MarketingScanLife releases new study concerning QR codes

ScanLife, a mobile advertising firm specializing in QR codes, has released a new study concerning the scanning of QR codes and how they can be used effectively by brands. QR codes are already popular marketing tools and have been so for some time. Despite this, however, many companies are still uncertain on how to use them effectively. ScanLife has long been an advocate for QR codes, claiming that companies can see major gains if they were to use the codes in an effective manner. The firm has released its new study in the hopes of spreading awareness on the capabilities of QR codes.

Study draws information from more than 200 codes and thousands of scans

For this study, ScanLife made use of more than 200 QR codes, which generated thousands of scans each. These scans were tracked by the company’s Mobile Engagement Platform, which provided ScanLife with valuable analytic data concerning the use of its QR codes. Each of the codes were linked to mobile websites that were created by advertisers using the ScanLife platform, providing context sensitive content for consumers rather than sending them to random places on the Internet.

QR codes highly effective when targeting specific demographics

According to the study, the majority of people who scanned the QR codes are interested in particular products and services. ScanLife notes that this makes QR codes very effective when used to target a specific demographic, but less effective for a broader marketing approach. The study shows that 62% of all scans translated into further engagement. The study suggests that consumers presented with content relevant to their interests were much more likely to get engaged in marketing campaigns.

Codes still useful even when compared to interactive technologies

QR codes are often used as an all-encompassing mobile marketing tool. The codes have shown their value to marketers by proving that they can be effective in engaging tech-savvy consumers, but have begun losing popularity to more interactive technologies, such as NFC and augmented reality. ScanLife notes that QR codes can still be highly effective if marketers use them to target a very specific audience.