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PayPal turns to QR codes for mobile commerce venture


PayPal sets sights on QR codes

Commerce giant PaQR Codes Mobile Commerce NewsyPal continues to look for ways to engage the ever growing mobile consumer population. The company has had a keen interest in mobile commerce for some time, and has been eager to offer services to consumers that are interested in making payments using their mobile devices. Initially, PayPal had plans to make use of NFC technology to provide these services to consumers. The technology proved to be less than ideal for the company. Now, PayPal is setting its sights on QR codes.

Codes beginning to see traction in mobile commerce

QR codes are most often used in advertising as a way to provide consumers with information on products. The codes can be scanned by simple barcode scanning applications, making them easily accessible to consumers. Recently, QR codes have been getting more attention for their possible uses in mobile commerce. Retail companies, such as the UK’s Tesco, have begun experimenting with the codes in so called “pop-up” stores — virtual stores that use QR codes to sell products.

PayPal campaign to use QR codes in shop windows

PayPal is set to launch a new mobile commerce pilot project in Amsterdam that revolves around QR codes. The project will take place in the shopping district, De 9 Straatjes. More than 30 retailers that are located in this district have teamed with PayPal for the initiative. These stores will serve as host to QR codes that will be placed in shop windows. When these codes are scanned, consumers are directed to a mobile website where they can see all the products the store offers. Consumers can then purchase their desired products through PayPal and have their purchase mailed to their home.

Company expects mobile commerce to become more popular

PayPal has an acute interest in mobile commerce and believes that mobile technology will be play a major role in the lives of consumers, especially where spending money is concerned. Already, many consumers have become reliant on their mobile devices to pay bills and search for products online. PayPal expects that this trend will gain momentum in the coming years.

Scan and Go finds its way to Sainsbury’s

 Scan and Go to be tested in Sainsbury’s stores in UK

Many consumers have become familiar with QR codes because of how often they are used in marketing. Indeed, QR codes have become one of the favored tools for advertisers looking to engage mobile consumers. The codes can do much more than provide consumers with information on products and services, however, as the UK’s Sainsbury supermarkets are preparing to show. Sainsbury has become the next location for a pilot project for the Scan and Go program, which turns QR codes into virtual checkout stands.

System already quite famous in the US

Scan and Go was tested in the U.S. some time ago at  some Walmart retail stores. The program managed to garner a fair deal of acclaim because of its ability to provide a convenient service to shoppers. Now, Sainsbury’s will be testing the program to see if similar results can be produced amongst tech-savvy consumers in the United Kingdom. Those that will be participating in the testing of the program will need the Scan and Go application, which allows them to scan the QR codes that will be riddled throughout local stores.

Consumers will be able to use QR codes to purchase items

When a customer arrives at a participating Sainsbury’s supermarket, they scan a QR code located near one of the store’s entrances. After “logging in,” shoppers can then scan the QR codes that are affixed to the products they are looking to buy. Even loose items, such as fruit, can have a QR code printed for them through an automated service. These codes provide information on the products and gives shoppers and opportunity to make a purchase from their smart phone when they are finished shopped.Sainsbury's Scan and Go

Program will provide special deals for frequent users

Scan and Go is equipped with a tracking function that monitors the spending habits of shoppers. This information is used to provide these consumers with special discounts concerning the products that they purchase often. Sainsbury’s believes that the Scan and Go system could valuable to consumers that are short on time but must get their shopping done quickly. The company does not currently have plans to replace manned and self-service checkout stands with this system.