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Mobile apps are changing the dating game

While the internet has already greatly changed the way that people meet, smartphones have taken that to a new level.

When it comes to the dating scene in the United States, smartphones and mobile apps are starting to play an increasingly important role, as these applications help to make the process convenient in busy lifestyles.Mobile Apps - Dating

The primary feature that these applications seem to have to offer consumers is convenience.

While they don’t appear to be any more successful – so far – than any other types of online dating services, the fact that they are convenient appears to be making them highly appealing to consumers is that they can be quickly and easily accessed over a mobile device instead of having to use a website on a computer.

These mobile apps don’t yet seem to have all of the details hammered out quite yet.

While consumers don’t seem to be completely satisfied with the experience, quite yet, the number of users of these applications is rapidly increasing. This is likely due to the effect of word of mouth, and the increasing reliance that many people have on their mobile devices for their day to day activities. Moreover, these apps can give people the chance to discover new people in real time, based on their actual location.

Daters can use apps to post their pictures and view those of other people who are located nearby. If they happen to spot someone they find attractive, they can swipe the picture and indicate that they are interested. If the owner of the picture reciprocates the swipe, the app allows them to contact each other so that they can arrange to meet.

Data from the Pew Research Center has shown that approximately 3 percent of Americans have tried the online dating experience with traditional websites. Aaron Smith, from that organization, pointed out that when it comes to dating apps, those who are using them are typically “quite young, primarily people in their mid-20s or 30s” and very tied to their smartphones.”

These mobile apps have now been around for a while and offer a broad range of different features and opportunities, including integration with social media.

Mobile commerce is growing among tablet and smartphone owners

Data highlights growth of mobile commerce in the US

Mobile commerce has become a major interest for many companies around the world. Consumers are becoming more comfortable with the idea of paying for goods and services with nothing more than a mobile device, which has lead companies to become more inclusive when it comes to the matter of mobile commerce. In order to understand why companies are showing so much interest in mobile payments, one must understand how many people, in the U.S. alone, own and use mobile devices regularly.

Studies show growth in tablet ownership

The Pew Research Center has teamed with the U.S. Census Bureau to release a number of studies concerning smartphone and tablet ownership as well as how these devices are used by consumers. These studies are part of the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project. According to the data contained in these studies, 34% of U.S. adults own a tablet device. This figure rose by 18% in May of 2012 as tablets began growing more popular in the mobile commerce field.

U.S. Mobile Commerce - Tablet GrowthTablets appeal to those interest in mobile commerce

Tablets are often considered more useful in mobile commerce than smartphones. This is due to the fact that tablets allow for a more comprehensive online shopping experience. Smartphones feature small screens than tablet devices, making it difficult to navigate some e-commerce sites. Tablets allow for more control in the mobile shopping experience, and an enjoyable experience is often enough to ensure than consumers continue participating in mobile commerce.

Mobile commerce expected to continue growing

The studies show that smartphone owners still outnumber those with tablets, but consumers favoring either device still show strong interest in mobile commerce. Both devices are heavily used for purposes such as social networking and entertainment, with mobile commerce showing strong growth over the past two years. Mobile commerce is expected to continue gaining momentum as consumers continue to grow more comfortable with making payments on their mobile devices.