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Mobile commerce may be at the heart of a new revolution

ebay mobile commerceeBay has high hopes for mobile commerce

Online retail giant eBay believes that mobile is leading a revolution in the commerce sector. According to eBay, this revolution will change the way consumers purchase and search for products around the world. This week, the retailer has unveiled a new three-year growth strategy that has a heavy emphasis on mobile commerce. eBay expects mobile commerce to play a major role in its future business and is working to ensure that it is as accommodating to mobile consumers as it can possibly be.

eBay and PayPal experience heavy activity in the mobile space

eBay has already experiences strong performance in the mobile commerce sector through itself and its subsidiary PayPal. Where eBay is concerned, more consumers are opting to use their smartphones or tablets to shop for products. These consumers are also more apt to purchase products from their mobile device rather than from a PC. PayPal has been reporting a growing number of transactions being made from mobile devices, whether they involve purchasing products or transferring money from one account to another. This activity has built up eBay’s confidence in the mobile commerce sector.

Mobile commerce expected to reach $300 billion by 2015

By 2015, eBay expects global mobile commerce to reach the $300 billion mark. The company notes that this will translate into revenue growth of 50% or more by the end of 2015. Mobile commerce will be behind much of the growth that eBay is expecting to see over the next three years and the retailer estimates that it will be able to beat out its competitors in its given industry. Amazon, which is eBay’s only major competitor, has also been showing strong interest in mobile commerce. Whether eBay will be able to overcome Amazon may depend largely on the mobile commerce plans of the latter.

Consumer interest powering mobile commerce growth

eBay suggests that mobile commerce is becoming more important for consumers as they become more comfortable with the concept. As more consumers get their hands on smartphones and tablets, they are becoming increasingly exposed to the prospects of mobile commerce. As such, they are becoming more likely to purchase products and shop with their mobile devices than they have ever been in the past few years.

PayPal seeks to expand mobile commerce in Hong Kong

Hong Kong PayPal mobile commerceMobile commerce growing in the East

PayPal has been making a strong push into the mobile commerce arena recently. The company has long been involved in the world of online payments, but the proliferation of mobile technology has opened up new forms of commerce that PayPal is eager to take advantage of. The company has announced plans to begin expanding its reach across the global mobile commerce market and has set its sights to the East, showing a strong interest in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong sees major activity in mobile commerce sector

Hong Kong is one of the largest economic hubs in the Asian market. Companies with a strong focus on the online world have seen major progress in Hong Kong over the years and companies native to the region have seen aggressive growth in the Philippines, Argentina, South Korea, Sweden, and Russia. PayPal’s Hong Kong division notes that more consumers are relying on their mobile devices to make payments and research products, giving the company an ample opportunity to provide services to these consumers and the businesses of the region.

PayPal expected to increase activity in Hong Kong

Kerry Wong, managing director for PayPal’s operations in Hong Kong, claims that businesses in the region that use the company’s services experienced more growth than their competitors. These companies grew more than the industry average throughout the last 12 months, and many of these businesses have helped increase the regions exports by 2% thanks to the borderless nature of online trading and sales. PayPal expects that companies using its services will continue to see remarkable growth as they begin to embrace mobile commerce more aggressively.

Estimated $20 billion in mobile payments to be processed in 2013

PayPal has high expectations when it comes to online payments in 2013. The company, which boasts of more than 123 million active users worldwide, estimates that it will process over $20 billion in mobile payments globally this year. This is higher than the $14 billion in mobile payments the company processed in 2012.