NFC Technology Wii UThe prototypes for the devices that are enabled with these chips are expected to be released this year.

The Wii U GamePad already includes a function that is enabled with NFC technology, but most users aren’t even aware of it, as it is not extensively discussed on any level, except among developers and intense gamers who talk on the internst.

This is because it isn’t yet used for anything, at the moment.

Even Skylanders, which is shipped with its own reader for NFC technology, does not use it for any purpose. That said, even though it is coming to the forefront once again, most of the purposes for its use have not yet been finalized.

When discussing the topic with investors, Satoru Iwata, the CEO, said the NFC technology plans were not yet concrete.

Iwata said that there are two primary branches of ideas being considered by Nintendo for the use of NFC technology. The first is for toys in the style of Skylanders. The second is to be able to read credit cards so that purchases and payments can be made through the Wii U devices.

As a for instance of the first type of use for the NFC technology, Iwata said “For example, we can create cards and figurines with NFC and design our video games to work in conjunction with them.” He also stated that “Also, an increasing number of arcade games are utilizing IC cards which can read and write data in order to record users’ scores and it is possible for Wii U games to connect with them.”

There are a number of different developers who are working with Nintendo on this type of idea. Iwata said that by the end of 2013, it is likely that there will be something more finalized to show for it, and that some more solid examples will become available. As of yet, however, it appears that the company remains in the concept phase.

Other possible uses for NFC technology that have previously been mentioned by Nintendo include payment cards. In theory, this would make it possible to use an e-money card and either wave it over the device or tap it in order to make a mobile payment.