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Retailers could be missing out on a major mobile commerce opportunity

Retailers may not be prepared for the mobile shopping holidays

The holidays are coming and retailers may be unprepared for the proverbial onslaught they will receive from mobile consumers. UniteU, a mobile commerce integrator, has released a new report concerning this problem, suggesting that retailers could face serious challenges when it comes to serving mobile consumers through their websites. The report measures site speeds and their capability to support mobile shopping. UniteU has found that many retailers, including multi-billion-dollar organizations, could fall short of satisfying mobile shoppers during the 2014 holiday season.

Mobile commerce has been performing well during the holiday season

The holidays are an important time for the retail industry. Black Friday is the most active shopping day of the year and serves as an opportunity for retailers to recover from losses they saw earlier in the year. Over the past few years, retailers have been putting a greater focus on mobile commerce, taking note of the growing prominence of mobile shoppers and how much these consumers are spending on products. Several retailers have created mobile websites to accommodate these consumers, but few of these sites are able to serve consumers like they should.

Retailers lack the mobile websites needed to engage consumers effectively

Retail Mobile CommerceThe report shows that many of the retail sites available to consumers are not optimized for mobile devices. This can provide a poor shopping experience for mobile consumers. The majority of mobile payments currently comes from smartphones, which do not use traditional web browsers. Mobile web browsers have trouble deciphering the coding used to make retail websites, so if these sites are not optimized for mobile devices, mobile consumers have trouble using them.

Without optimized mobile websites, retailers could miss out on a significant opportunity

A recent report from Forrester Research suggests that some $26 billion in mobile payments will be processed by the end of this year. The majority of this money is likely to be processed during the holiday season. If retailers cannot optimize their mobile websites by then, they could be missing out on a major opportunity.

Quality may be the top issue in mobile commerce

Lack of quality could drive consumers away from mobile commerce

Econsultancy, a market research and consultancy firm, has released a new report called “Mobile Commerce Compendium.” The report aims to provide comprehensive insight to the challenging mobile commerce sector. Mobile commerce is currently highly competitive due to its relative youth when compared to other sectors and the challenges that exist in this sector can often be overwhelming. While many startups and larger companies have their own perspective when it comes to what a mobile commerce platform should be, the report suggests that quality is the most important aspect of these platforms.

Consumers favor quality above all

Quality, or lack thereof, is one of the main points of criticism that exists with modern mobile commerce initiatives. Low quality services have given consumers throughout the world a poor experience when it comes to mobile commerce and has discouraged their continued participation therein. Quality can often determine whether a mobile commerce platform can be considered viable by a consumer and the report shows that consumers tend to favor platforms that offer better experiences than their competitors.

high quality mobile commerceMobile sites play a major role in consumer satisfaction

The report also shows that many consumers use their mobile devices to compare prices on particular products offered by retailers. These consumers will make an effort to find the best prices they can before making a purchase in-store. The report also shows that the load time for mobile websites factors into the quality issue that consumers have with mobile commerce. Slow-loading sites tend to annoy consumers, making them less inclined to participate in mobile commerce or make a purchase of any sort.

Report notes that mobile sites are integral to marketing

The report notes that mobile sites have become an integral part of any successful marketing campaign. With more people relying more heavily on their mobile devices for nearly every aspect of their lives, websites that are not optimized for these devices are not well received by consumers. Providing a mobile site for these consumers is also not enough to win their favor, as these sites must function properly and boast of high quality mobile commerce options.