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MobiCommerce – Just 3 Clicks to Get Mobile Apps for Your Online Web Store

The firm conviction of MobiCommerce is that websites and online stores can no longer be confined only to desktops.

Mobile Apps are in huge demand and mostly preferred due to their apparent ease of use which is why eCommerce businesses are seeking new and convenient methods to develop their very own mobile apps. Ecommerce has within a very short span of time evolved into mCommerce that is not only stronger, faster but is much more far reaching and can skyrocket any business to the heights of success in no time. MobiCommerce is the next revolution in the mCommerce industry that is assisting a large number of businesses to find firm ground within Mobile Commerce.

With over one thousand downloads, MobiCommerce is pleased over the steady success of its mobile app building extension on the MagentoConnect platform. MobiCommerce is a very straightforward way to turn your online store into a smart mobile store app. The MobiCommerce App builder is very much capable of creating both Android as well iPhone apps with ease.

The newest and most progressive feature of MobiCommerce is the flexibility for companies to first experience how their ecommerce store would look like on Android devices. This is known as the ‘Free Preview of eStore on Mobile App’ feature of MobiCommerce anMobiCommerce – Just 3 Clicks to Get Mobile Apps for Your Online Web Stored it has paved the way for a more requirement-centric approach to app building. But we have hardly arrived at the most striking feature of MobiCommerce yet that is leaving entrepreneurs and companies taking a huge sigh of relief. The finished app requires absolutely no coding skills. Post development and publishing, the admin is provided with the option to personalize the app. A unique widget system is introduced that allows customization of screen structure. According to preferences, promotional banners, and product sliders can be placed at appropriate places. Other convenient features offered by MobiCommerce include support for multiple stores and multiple currencies, separate themes can be applied to the same app on iOS and Android devices. You can choose from a large number of predesigned, professional themes to suit your business niche. And what’s more, all of this is just a click away. By simply installing the Magento or PrestaShop extension, one can convert an eCommerce store into a mCommerce app.

Several international brands like Alvaro Moreno, Henri’s, JULICCI, MKYAJ, and OXOLLOXO have benefitted from MobiCommerce with their robust, stylish and efficient apps. More and more entrepreneurs are turning to this branded innovation in mCommerce, as we speak. With MobiCommerce, owners can now increase accessibility of their online stores to about 79% of smartphone mobile shoppers. MobiCommerce has truly become a sophisticated brand in the ecommerce mobile application market.

About MobiCommerce:
MobiCommerce a venture of Design’N’Buy lead by young entrepreneurs serves the e-commerce industry with a dynamic yet intuitive App builder for e-commerce web store owners increase their business at the same time to mobilize the online purchasing experience of customers. For more information visit: http://www.mobicommerce.net/

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Facebook may have deliberately crashed its own mobile app

Reports have been made that the social network deliberately sabotaged its own application to test user loyalty.

Facebook has now been accused of deliberately crashing its own mobile app as a part of a test of its user patience and loyalty so they can better understand how dedicated people are to the social network.

This isn’t the first time the social media platform has been involved in psychological testing of its users.

The accusation came in the form of a report published in The Information entitled “Facebook’s Android Contingency Planning.” The report stated that the social network was “testing how addicted Android phone users are to Facebook apps and making sure they can quickly download them directly from Facebook rather than through Google Play.” The publication said their source was an individual who was familiar with that specific experiment.

The suggestion in the report was that plans were being made in case the mobile app was taken down from Google Play.

Facebook Mobile App SabotageWithin the report, it said that “artificial errors” were deliberately introduced into the smartphone application which would cause it to crash “for hours at a time.” It claimed that the reason the test was being conducted was in order to “prepar[e] for the eventuality that it leaves the Google Play app store.”

As a part of this, the social network deliberately crashed their mobile application for some of its users, off-and-on, over a span of a number of weeks. The goal was to measure whether or not those individuals would prefer to visit the mobile website or whether they would simply give up on using Facebook. What they found was that users were, indeed, willing to use the mobile site instead of abandoning their use of that social network.

Allegedly, this entire psychological experiment on Facebook users was to find out whether or not users were addicted enough to the social network that they would continue to use the platform even if the mobile app were to face difficulties or even be removed from the Google Play Store. At the time of the writing of this article, Facebook had not yet made any official statements with regards to this accusation.