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Social media marketing on mobile could boost Twitter value

The growth over smartphones and tablets could make its IPO price a bargain in the long run.

Twitter, the social media marketing network giant has announced that it intends to increase the proposed price for its initial public offering (IPO) which is expected later on this week.

This helps to illustrate the enthusiasm that the company is experiencing as its IPO grows nearer.

As Twitter talks to prospective institutional investors about its future as a network and in social media marketing, it is clear that they are receiving a considerable response. This has caused buyers to wonder whether they should be looking at this new price as an opportunity.

Last week, it looked as though the price per share would be much different for this social media marketing company.

Social Media Marketing Twitter ValueThe IPO stock price had originally been estimated to be somewhere between $17 to $20 per share. This had investors extremely enthusiastic about putting their money behind this social media marketing company, as it appeared clear that the price would rise. However, the bankers from Twitter are now raising the price range so that it will now land between $23 and $25 per share.

That said, even though the new valuation may have cause investors to hesitate before moving forward with the social media marketing company, it does look as though they are still interested. The reluctance, at first, was quite pronounced, but even at the higher end of that price range, it still looks as though it could be quite a profitable opportunity over the longer term.

If one considers the next twelve months for the social media marketing network, it is quite a hefty valuation to have assigned the company. However, as an investment into the future and not into the short term, this could be a substantial chance to watch prices rise.

This is especially true because it is well known that the ads on Twitter have only barely touched on their full potential and that social media marketing is due to explode. Some in the industry have even predicted that Twitter may take Facebook’s position, next year, as the leader among the network giants.

Social media marketing value still hazy among some marketers

Some people in the industry are still not entirely convinced about the benefits that it brings.

According to an analyst from Forrester Research, even though social media marketing has been around for almost a decade, many marketers are still questioning its benefits and there are still more who feel that their campaigns are failing than succeeding.

The analyst, Nate Elliott, published this statement in his most recent report, at a time when the channel has never been bigger.

This has caused many to ask questions regarding what is making social media marketing so difficult to use in a successful way. There were many different responses that were provided in the Forrester study, ranging from budget to return on investment and a number of other areas. It is clear that there are many different means by which to decide whether or not a campaign has been successful, and a standard has not yet been created.

Social media marketing has a number of challenges that are making marketers feel uncertain.

social media marketing challengesWithin the Forrester study, participants were asked to identify their top three challenges when it came to social media marketing. The answer provided a number of different areas, including the following:

• ROI (38 percent)
• Measurement (35 percent)
• Lack of internal resources, such as workers (34 percent)
• Lack of budget (25 percent)
• Integrating social media marketing with other channels (24 percent)
• Lack of time (23 percent)

The social media marketing industry doesn’t typically enjoy focusing on the struggles that businesses and brands are continuing to experience in its use. However, at the same time, the challenges are not suggesting that the channel is not worthwhile. Instead, it merely indicates that the channel is not a magical cure for all advertising and promotion issues that have been seen in other areas. It has reached a time in which it is being recognized as a useful, but not perfect way to connect with consumers, as is the case with virtually every other mature marketing channel. Furthermore, it still remains very unique from any other method of reaching consumers, which means that there is still a learning curve for applying it properly.