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Social media marketing on Twitter not as effective over mobile devices

Though the network’s new suite of ad products have been greatly hyped their performance is still lagging.

Even though Twitter’s newest suite of social media marketing products for mobile has experienced massive hype, it still appears that the microblogging network is falling behind its two giant competitors over this channel.Social Media Marketing Twitter - Poor Mobile Device Performance

A recent report has shown that the ads from Twitter aren’t doing as well as Facebook and LinkedIn.

John Blackledge, an analyst from Cowen & Co. has reported that social media marketing ads on Twitter mobile are not performing as well as those that are posted on Facebook and LinkedIn. This suggests that Twitter may not be the dream ad opportunity that many of its investors have come to believe it to be. Blackledge explained that “Twitter is a popular social platform, but shares are too rich in our view.”

The focus on mobile social media marketing has reflected very positively in Twitter’s share prices.

The fall IPO price for Twitter shares in 2013 was $26. That said, by the end of December, that stock had exploded to $74 per share. Equally, though, the social network has not sustained the valuation.

Blackledge conducted some research making social media news, that involved fifty buyers and their opinions regarding the effectiveness of social media companies such as Twitter, and their mobile ads. Only 5 percent of the participants stated that Twitter provided the best ROI. Comparatively, the ads over Facebook were considered to provide the best performance by 60 percent of the participants, with 25 percent giving their applause to LinkedIn.

Those figures suggest that the low ROI is linked to pricing. Blackledge also pointed out that the respondents to his survey commented that some of the downsides of Twitter’s social media marketing tools with regard to advertising value proposition were “high minimum ad spend” and the “cost of campaigns”.

This year is supposed to be a defining one for Twitter, as its numbers and usage continues to grow. It will be interesting to see how today’s figures compare to those that will be generated later on in 2014 or those at the same time next year.

Social media marketing to play vital holiday shopping role

The same report that provided this insight also forecasted the importance of mobile commerce.

As the third quarter showed that online retail experienced a year over year increase of 13 percent, a growth rate that is notably higher than the overall retail environment, mobile commerce is rising approximately twice that fast, and social media marketing is playing an important role in that growth.

Both of those two factors will be making a considerable impact on the decisions and habits of holiday shoppers.

At the same time, the importance of social media marketing and of mobile commerce will also represent some massive changes in the way that consumers are informing themselves and spending their money throughout the holiday shopping season. This, according to comScore, a digital measurement and analytics provider.

comScore revealed its latest social media marketing data and predictions at a recent webinar.

Social Media Marketing and Mobile Commerce GrowthIts predictions regarding the impact of social media marketing on the decisions that shoppers are making, and of the impact of mobile commerce throughout the holiday season were shared at the U.S. Online Retail Economy Q3 2013 webinar.

There, it was explained by the comScore vice president of marketing and insights, Andrew Lipsman, who was also a panelist, that the top themes that were coming into their own in this year’s busiest shopping season are “what I call the 4 S’s – social commerce, smartphones, sit-back shopping, and showrooming.” In terms of social media marketing, he pointed out specifically that the influence of Pinterest is growing and that the usage of this network is increasingly based on smartphones and tablets.

Aside from the importance of social media marketing over Pinterest, Twitter was also identified as being “important”. That said, when it comes to building brands, Lipsman stated that Facebook is maintaining its dominant position.

Social media marketing in order to encourage offline, electronic, and mobile commerce was shown to have three primary benefits, which include engagement, amplification and fan reach. This can play a very important role in a retailer or brand’s ability to communicate with consumers and encourage them to buy. At this time of year, this can make this technique a vital part of success.