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Mobile marketing success, one tip at a time

Sometimes a successful campaign is simply a matter of following the right tips.

There are many different ways to implement mobile marketing, and the variety of options and techniques is leaving many companies scratching their heads and wondering how to go about doing it properly so that they will best engage with consumers.

Though one must always look at the big picture, the details should also not be forgotten.

Mobile marketing is already everywhere, and there are just as many brands who are using it successfully as there are companies that are missing the point. All too many marketers are making the common mistake of believing that reaching consumers on smartphones and tablets is exactly the same as regular online efforts via PCs, except on smaller screens. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.

Mobile marketing is its own unique form of advertising and promoting and should be addressed that way.

Once you accept that knowledge, you can move on to learn the best tips for making sure that your own campaign will be successful. This will allow you to obtain the very best results for every dollar you spend on the channel, and to reach out to a wild world of consumers that you may never have been able to access without the use of their favorite devices.Mobile Marketing Success

Mobile marketing is important now, but it is about to become critical.

Allowing your business to learn the ropes now will give you a significant advantage over the competition when it becomes vital to existence. Use the following tips to help to get started in these efforts:

• Have a mobile website – whether designed specifically for smartphones and tablets, or optimized – and make sure that it is compatible with all of the platforms on the mobile devices used by your customers.

• If you use SMS messaging, make your messages powerful and succinct. It must be short and drive them to act, attracting their attention and converting them.

• Use QR codes and implement them properly. All printed ads should contain one of these mobile marketing barcodes so that smartphone users can follow the URL that you have provided, in a more convenient way than having to type it in.

• Make your mobile marketing worthwhile. Give consumers a reason to pay attention, read your ads, or scan your QR codes, by offering exclusive discounts, coupons, offers, content and opportunities.

Mcommerce websites are no longer optimized versions of standard sites

Mcommerce website optimazationThough this may have been possible for the first generation of mobile efforts, times have changed.

When retailers first started to discover that mobile commerce was going to be vital to their survival, many of them responded by using their standard websites and optimizing the same content and layout so that it would be compatible with the smaller screens and navigation requirements of mobile devices.

This was a strategy that was somewhat effective for a while, but the channel has evolved since then.

The world of mcommerce is traveling at a breakneck speed, and it is continually in flux. The more brands, companies, and marketers discover about what consumers are expecting from this channel and what is effective, the faster it grows. Now, the websites that were originally optimized so that their standard formats would fit on smaller screens are being found to be inadequate within the sector.

Simply repurposing regular sites for mcommerce just isn’t enough for the mobile consumer.

An mcommerce website should not simply be a cookie cutter copy of the site designed for e-commerce. Before the mobile version is released, it is vital for companies to determine what features are truly central for driving engagement, and to make those elements the heart of the smartphone and tablet experience. For example, store locators – which are often considered to be rather secondary on standard sites – are among the most important features of a mobile commerce enabled website, and should be placed front and center in many instances.

A site meant for a smartphone needs to be stripped down to its bare minimum while still providing a rich and engaging experience. Functionality, compatibility, load time, ease of navigation, and driving consumers to act are all critical to mobile. Unlike the PC experience, it is isn’t simply a matter of placing information in front of the consumer. It needs to appeal to the individual on the go, with quick and simple mcommerce options that will be highly relevant and appeal on a personal level. Companies must never lose sight of this perspective if they wish to get the most out of what the channel has to offer.