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Huawei looks into manufacturing mobile phones in India

The company has been looking into expanding its manufacturing efforts into the country.

A delegation of representatives from Huawei have now met with Ravi Shankar Prasad, India’s Telecom Minister, as the company has been thinking of expanding their manufacturing of mobile phones from China into India.

The company is looking for ways to continue its mobile device production with additional advantages.

At the moment, Huawei is looking over certain potential business models for manufacturing the mobile phones in India, while they also consider certain potential tax incentives for making the move. The delegation was led by the CEO in India, Jay Chen. They met with the Telecom Minister in order to discuss the intentions of the company for making their way into India for the purpose of manufacturing. Prasad explained that “We had a very elaborate talk and they have said that till now they have invested $2 billion in India in the last 16 years.”

The company already has a facility in the country and are already selling mobile phones in India.

Mobile Phones ManufacturingPrasad stated that “They have a facility in Sriperumbudur… they are selling one million phones in India… if you are selling one million phones, you better start manufacturing here and they have promised me, they will explore the possibility.” He also pointed out that Huawei is in discussions with Foxconn for the moment, on a contract basis. The minister stated that India welcomed the business.

At the moment, the Indian offices from Huawei are serving forty different mobile networks around the globe. That said, the decision to begin the manufacturing of the mobile devices in India is not yet a done-deal.

When asked about the intentions of the company for manufacturing mobile phones in India, one of the delegation members underscored the fact that it still depends on a number of different factors. Among those factors includes business volumes and Huawei has yet to complete its evaluation of the figures within that category, including various business models, policies and regulations within the country and tax incentives. At the moment, the company manufactures network equipment in India not consumer devices.

Mobile marketing report projects $27 billion size by 2020

The results of the study that was conducted by ReportsnReports are promising for the channel.

A new mobile marketing report has just been released, which indicates that the channel is now primed to produce tremendous revenue generation opportunities for app developers and others in the smartphone and tablet industry over the next few years.

It looked into several different areas and produced a number of projections for seven years of growth.

The mobile marketing report was called “The Mobile & Tablet Advertising Market: 2013-2020”. It suggest that the channel will be an important form of advertising for generating revenues for app developers, mobile platform providers, advertising networks and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) over the next seven years.

At the moment, mobile marketing remains in its infancy, but it is now set to take off.

Mobile marketing report - growth predictionsCurrently, as the mobile marketing space begins its popularity, it is responsible for approximately $17 billion in revenue every year. The increase in the penetration of smartphones and tablets has considerably increased the number of potential viewers of a given campaign. For that reason, companies are now starting to boost the advertising that they are creating for these devices that are taking an ever larger amount of a user’s time every day.

The ReportsnReports.com study indicates that by the end of 2020, advertising over tablets alone will bring in over $27 billion in revenues worldwide. This will follow a CAGR from 2013 to 2020 of almost 30 percent.

Additional key findings within this mobile commerce report include:

• Growth in click through rates and increased user penetration will cause the tablet segment to overtake the mobile marketing revenues generated by smartphones.
• Once 2020 comes to a close, tablet advertising is expected to bring in over $27 billion in revenue worldwide, and there will be almost 600 million tablet shipments per year.
• Mobile marketing over video will outperform all other categories of apps in terms of the rate of growth. From 2013 to 2020, it will grow at an almost 23% CAGR and revenues from the advertising will make up about $5 billion in that last year.