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Mobile marketing study shows that many consumers have mixed feelings

A recent survey by Campaigner has shown that many people aren’t sure how they feel about this channel.

Campaigner has just revealed the results of a national survey that it commissioned, in which it was discovered that more than 37 percent of consumers are undecided about the way that they feel about the impact that mobile marketing emails are having on them.

Only a small number of them had actually bought anything in their smartphone or tablet because of an email.

The survey revealed that only approximately 6 percent of the respondents had actually purchased a product or service over their smartphone or tablet as a result of having received a mobile marketing email. For this reason, many aren’t exactly sure whether the channel is having any real impact on the purchasing decisions that they are making.

This discovery may help to shape the way that mobile marketing is used over the upcoming holiday season.

mobile marketing - consumers confusionMany consumers wait until the end of November in order to begin their holiday season shopping. However, retailers have been hoping to be as prepared as they possibly can to be able to reach consumers as they are making fast decisions, and it is likely that mobile marketing will play an important role in that effort, this year.

At the same time, the survey indicated that only 14.3 percent of the respondents actually used the mobile marketing emails that they received in order to take advantage of deals, offers, savings, and the chance to find unique gifts. At the same time, 37 percent weren’t sure if the emails they received had any impact on the decisions that they were making for purchases, in any way, especially when compared to the impact that regular emails have.

What the Campaigner survey did find was that poor design of mobile marketing emails, badly optimized smartphone websites and sending too many emails to consumers rapidly killed potential opportunities by having consumers simply delete the emails before they even opened them. According to the Campaigner general manager, E.J. McGowan, “While mobile commerce has taken off like a rocket, retailers still have a lot of work to do when it comes to developing their mobile channels.”

Mobile marketing report projects $27 billion size by 2020

The results of the study that was conducted by ReportsnReports are promising for the channel.

A new mobile marketing report has just been released, which indicates that the channel is now primed to produce tremendous revenue generation opportunities for app developers and others in the smartphone and tablet industry over the next few years.

It looked into several different areas and produced a number of projections for seven years of growth.

The mobile marketing report was called “The Mobile & Tablet Advertising Market: 2013-2020”. It suggest that the channel will be an important form of advertising for generating revenues for app developers, mobile platform providers, advertising networks and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) over the next seven years.

At the moment, mobile marketing remains in its infancy, but it is now set to take off.

Mobile marketing report - growth predictionsCurrently, as the mobile marketing space begins its popularity, it is responsible for approximately $17 billion in revenue every year. The increase in the penetration of smartphones and tablets has considerably increased the number of potential viewers of a given campaign. For that reason, companies are now starting to boost the advertising that they are creating for these devices that are taking an ever larger amount of a user’s time every day.

The ReportsnReports.com study indicates that by the end of 2020, advertising over tablets alone will bring in over $27 billion in revenues worldwide. This will follow a CAGR from 2013 to 2020 of almost 30 percent.

Additional key findings within this mobile commerce report include:

• Growth in click through rates and increased user penetration will cause the tablet segment to overtake the mobile marketing revenues generated by smartphones.
• Once 2020 comes to a close, tablet advertising is expected to bring in over $27 billion in revenue worldwide, and there will be almost 600 million tablet shipments per year.
• Mobile marketing over video will outperform all other categories of apps in terms of the rate of growth. From 2013 to 2020, it will grow at an almost 23% CAGR and revenues from the advertising will make up about $5 billion in that last year.